With the new year comes a new format!

Happy new year fellow funatics and welcome to the new Funatic of the Week feature. Returning to our roots, we're edging back towards featuring multiple Funko family members a month; although all in one blog for easier viewing. Please give them a warm welcome!

Brett Rose

When and how did you first learn about Funko and what was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"I first learned about Funko in 2013 when my mom bought me a Leonardo Pop! from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She collected all sorts of things while I was growing up and I definitely got the collecting bug from her! I never thought I would have an entire basement dedicated to my collection, but here we are almost ten years later and I absolutely love it."

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"Dorbz is my favorite Funko line (I own just under 900!), but I also collect Pops!, Soda, Wacky Wobblers, Fantastik Plastik, and I love the Funko NFTs that started this past year. My biggest fandoms are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 90's Nickelodeon cartoons, My Hero Academia, and Funko original characters."

What do you love about Funko? Do you have a favorite Funko memory?

"I obviously love all the figures that Funko makes, but nothing beats the Funko Family. My wife always jokes around saying I talk to my Funko friends more than I talk to her and she's probably right. I've met so many amazing people over the years through collecting and it's all because of Funko.

It's really difficult to pick a favorite Funko memory since there are so many, but I'll never forget attending the premiere of Making Fun: The Story of Funko at the TCL Chinese Theatre in LA. Dressing up for a red carpet and seeing so many celebrities up close was crazy, but watching so many friends on the big screen was the best part. You often hear people say, 'Come for the toys, stay for the people' in the Funko community and it's 100% true. I can't wait to see what other memories are made in the coming years."


"For any Funko fan that doesn't know about Funko's forum make sure to check out funkofunatic.com. There is so much history on there and a ton of fantastic people. Go take a look!"

Jennifer Newberry

When and how did you first learn about Funko and what was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"Pop! Elsa was the start of my Funko Pop! collection. A friend of mine gave her to me back in 2014, and from there I knew I wanted more. Although, it wasn't until 2019 when I got more serious about collecting and started sharing my collection on Instagram."

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"My favorite line/fandom to collect is Disney, but I also have a small Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter collection."

What do you love about Funko? Do you have a favorite Funko memory?

"What I love most about Funko is the community it brought me to. I didn't know anyone who collected Funko Pops!, so I started an Instagram account (@jp.pops) and met so many other collectors from all over the world.

One of my favorite Funko moments was right before my birthday I was on a roll opening packages, I had ordered a few Funko Pops!, and I didn't realize I accidently opened my roommates box. Inside was the Cheshire at the Mad Tea Party Pop!. My husband and friend knew I was not able to grab him during the drop, so they got him for me for my birthday. It was so hard to tape the box back up and act as if nothing ever happened because I was so excited to get it."

Thank you for sharing your Funko experience with the larger Funko Family.

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