Our Funatics are the indispensable core of our community, events, and efforts. To say thank you and recognize some of our Funatics, we feature someone each week and let them share what brought them to the Funko Family. We're kicking off 2023 with the continuation of our Funatic features, starting with Marc Rosario.

Marc Rosario

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"When I first came across the Funko Pop! figures in 2014, I thought it was uniquely different with such a distinct, signature look. I became more interested in learning about Funko when I started seeing some figures being displayed at my professor's offices, in display cases throughout the school, and while walking through aisles at Target.

At first, I was skeptical about starting a new collecting hobby, but Funko made that decision easy for me. A Funko addiction has gradually developed over the past years, starting with my favorite fandoms and characters I love."

What Funko lines and fandoms do you collect and what was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"It all started with Captain America and Dancing Groot. These Funko Pop! figures helped kickstart my collection and addiction.

My Funko collection gradually became colorful with an array of different fandoms starting with my core favorites such as Marvel: Avengers, Captain America, Groot, and Spider-Man; DC: Superman and Justice League; Disney & Pixar: Mickey Mouse, Frozen, and Up; Freddy Funko; and a wide variety of other fandoms such as Ad Icons, Movies, and TV Shows.

Within my favorite fandoms, I collect the different characters through a diverse collection of Funko lines such as Funko Pop!, Dorbz, Pop! Keychains, Plushies, Funko Soda, Mystery Minis, Apparels, Pop! Pins, just to name a few."

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"At first, I displayed my Funko Pop! figures out-of-box in glass cases and on wall shelves. But, as years progressed and my Funko collection became bigger, I have a mixture of out-of-box and in box figures.

Furthermore, as Funko started creating more Funko Pop! figures as scenes and series, I knew I wanted to start collecting and displaying the figures out-of-box on my shelves. It would be harder to appreciate the superb details of each figure if it was kept inside the packaging."

What do you love about Funko and what is one of your favorite Funko memory?

"Funko continues to surprise me with the diverse products, fandoms, and the community. Funko also thrives with innovative ideas, creative designs, and fun initiatives to keep the Funko spirit alive. Through Funko, many long-lasting friendships and memorable adventures became a staple to make collecting Funko products fun!

That said, a Funko memory that I will never forget has to be meeting with some of the best Funko Funatics that I've met on social media in person at New York Comic Con in 2021. The friendships that I've made for the past years made it easy for me to collect more Funko products as well as making more fun memories and building stronger connections."

What does Funko Family mean to you?

"The foundation of friendship has certain qualities that make collecting fun and enjoyable. One of those qualities is helping each other thrive by supporting each other in #FunkoPhotoADayChallenge or by engaging with their content on social media.
Another quality that I value is leading by good example. This fosters a positive and healthy friendship and sets a good influence in the community. These qualities are what I focus on to build a meaningful, yet fun Funko Family.

I'm truly thankful for the friends and memories that I've made through Funko. I'm looking forward to getting to know more Funko Funatics in the future as well as adding more to my Funko Family."

Anything else you'd like add?

"Here are some friendly notes to the new and current Funko Funatics:

Continue to engage with Funko and the Funko community. You will never know who you will help achieve their goals, influence and inspire, or surprise yourself with a hidden skill like taking photos for Funko's photo challenges.

There are many other outlets to show your love for Funko. You can showcase your talent by customizing figures or designing your own Funko POP! figure or Funko Soda like my Comic Con version of myself.

Thank you to the Funko artists, sculptors, designers, and everyone who's worked hard behind the scenes to create some incredible designs and innovative ideas. You're truly an inspiration!

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @heymrosario."

Brian (Poporazzy)

When and how did you first learn about Funko?

"The year was 2015…I've always been a collector of something and before I became a collector of Funko Pops!, I used to collect Blu-rays. I have always been a big fan of film and that is why I used to purchase the physical formats of these movies. Obviously with collections we must figure out a way to display them and well I wanted to add more to my shelving then just movies. So, one day I decided to pay Hot Topic a visit and that is where I first saw these 4inch figures known as Funko Pops! and that's the day my life changed."

Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"Even though I purchased my first Funko Pops! in 2015, I wouldn't actively start collecting until 2018. My collection prior to 2018 was mainly to add a more aesthetically pleasing look to my movie bookcase."

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"So you know the motto 'everyone is a fan of something' mines more of 'I'm a fan of everything'. I like to think of my self as a very diverse collector. In terms of Funko lines, I mostly collect Pops! but I am a fan of the SODA line and also I love me some DORBZ.

Fandoms that I love to collect include Marvel, Disney, Movie and Television, select Anime, Drag Queens and of course Freddy Funkos!
The first Funko piece in my collection was the common Captain America from Avengers: Age of Ultron (67) and yes, I still have him."

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"Majority of my collection is displayed in box since the display cases I use are meant for in box displaying. Although the main reason is because I also love the artwork on the boxes and feel like it adds to the collectible. From to time, you will see my Pops! leave their boxes for some photoshoot sessions."

What do you love about Funko and what is one of your favorite Funko memory?

I love Funko because they care about the products they create, and they also cater to all fandoms which allows everyone to be involved.
Funko has created countless memories for me. My favorite memory would have to be attending FUNDAYS for the first time in 2022. The energy in the room is like no other, it is electrifying being surrounded by other funatics."

What does Funko Family mean to you?

"I feel like I have been given the opportunity to really immerge myself deeply into the Funko community this year. So I create content on Instagram and TikTok in which I share my journey as a collector and I have been fortunate to meet a lot of people from around the world. So, to me, Funko Family means being able to be yourself and share the same passions as others around you. The beauty of being a part of the Funko Family is that we all come from different walks of life and are still able to form friendships that last forever!"

Maria (Misa Pops)

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"I learned about Funko back in 2017 from an acquaintance! They introduced Funko to me through Funko Pocket Pop! keychains! From then I started buying some here and there but didn't actively start collecting until 2020! So basically when we were all quarantined and had all the time to online shop for Funko Pops! My collection grew fast and I've lost track but I want to say I have more than 500 Funko Pops!."

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"I love collecting anime Funko Pops! Including:

  • Naruto
  • Attack on Titan
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • One Punch Man
  • Fruits Basket
  • My Hero Academia
  • Sword Art Online
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Demon Slayer
  • Ouran Host Club
  • And I have 1 Cowboy Bebop Pop!

I also love me some Freddy Funko! The way Funko can make him into different characters to make every fandom feel included is something special! (Well…..except we need a Freddy Funko as an anime character soon!) I made my own using the Tourist Freddy and Itachi with Crows. I collect TV shows and other animation too!

One line that I feel deserves more credit than give is the beautiful drag queen Funko line! That line has a special place in my heart as it helped me deepen my friendship with one of my closest friends in the Funko community!"

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"I display most of my Funko Pops! out of box but due to space, I do keep some of them in box! Ones I strictly keep in box are older Funko Pops! that come sealed with tape! I just don't have the heart to cut the tape off! I use the billy bookcases from IKEA and bought extra shelves to separate my Funko lines while displaying their box behind them. I also have one vaulted vinyl air display that I keep some of my favorite Funko Pops! in!"

What do you love about Funko and what is one of your favorite Funko memory?

"What I love about Funko is how a small vinyl figure can bring so many opportunities for growth, love, friendship, and enjoyment in life. Funko has a place for everyone! Funko makes connecting with others so easy and has helped me build so many connections and friendships.

My favorite Funko memory was going to California for the second time and getting the opportunity to meet so many fellow collectors in the community while meeting some of my social media friends that become my real life best friends! Collecting Funko Pops! helped me build a small platform on TikTok and the opportunity to connect with so many collectors. The Funko community in California is definitely in a league of its own! They're intense out there and I loved learning even more about Funko and it's history through one of my closest Funko friends."

What does Funko Family mean to you?

"Funko family is something truly special to me. I know we all have our own and that's the best kind of family. Family you choose. My Funko family not only are people I can FaceTime, text, or call, but people that have help pick me up when I was down. People that I could trust and rely on while going through a difficult time in my life. This past year was a difficult tome for me but, my Funko family held my hand every step of the way. They never let me forget my love for Funko and reminded me why we collect. Funko family can mean many things but to me, it means a squad you can count on for love and support while buying each other Funko Pops! ahahaha."

Harry - Whatspoppincraze

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"I have always been a huge Disney fan and I started my collecting journey with Disney pins and vinylmations. I also can't forget to mention Disney ornaments since it is December! In that time, I had seen Funko Pops!, but I didn't collect them yet. In 2014, I saw The Lion King Funko Pop! set at the Disney Store and I purchased them since it is my absolute favorite movie. In 2015, I looked at other Disney Funko Pops! and slowly bought more, but I had to stop in 2016 when I was nearing 100 figures.

In 2018, I decided to continue my Funko collection and created my Instagram account @whatspoppincraze. In 2019, I started my YouTube channel "whatsPOPpincraze" dedicated to Funko and collectibles. I'd say that was when I truly became a Funatic and finally started to build my collection. I reached 600 Funko Pops! in early 2020 and after the pandemic, my collection grew very rapidly. Now, I'll be ending 2022 with a collection of 1,418 Funko Pops! based on the Funko app, but I might have more!"

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect and what was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"My favorite line to collect is Funko Pop! figures, but I also love the SODAs and enjoy the mystery of what is inside the can. I have around 300 of them, but I really love the Pixar ones and my current favorite is the flocked Sulley chase. I am hoping for a WALL•E to release in 2023! I do also have a handful of Funko Minis and the Pixar shorts set has been my favorite yet!

As for fandoms, Disney is a given, but I love many more. Marvel, Star Wars, Animation Shows/Movies, and Harry Potter, but it doesn't stop there! To this day, my favorite Funko Pop! is still my first one, the original Scar. I think the only thing that could beat that is an 18 inch Rafiki holding cub Simba. I would LOVE that!"

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"I display my Funko collection on shelves and as you can see, I'm an in-box collector. Although I collect my Funko pops this way, I truly enjoy seeing them outside of their boxes and I do take them out to share on my YouTube channel or to even take fun photos of them too!"

What do you love about Funko and what is one of your favorite Funko memory?

"There is A LOT to love about Funko. The main thing is that it is FUN, which is in the name. I love the variety of fandoms Funko brings into their collectible figures and how there is something for everyone. Funko truly does incorporate beloved characters into awesome figures. Funko introduced me to many great people from different parts of the world and I really appreciate all the support I've received from other collectors on my channel and page!

I have a lot of great memories with Funko, but my favorite would have to be the grand opening day of Funko Hollywood. It was so much fun, and it was a magical experience. I still visit the store almost every week! I have yet to visit Funko HQ, but I plan to one day!"

What does Funko Family mean to you?

"What Funko Family means to me is being part of this community that has a passion for the collectibles Funko brings out for us. I just love how we connect with others based on our interests/fandoms and I have also been brought into different groups of fandoms with these connections. I share my passion for Funko on my YouTube channel and I like to motivate others to collect. The Fun and the Family are both endless and my love for Funko continues to grow."

Anything additional you'd like to share?

"Being a collector is very fun and I truly enjoy sharing my passion with everyone. I was lucky enough to become a father this year and I love it. I look forward to sharing my passion with my daughter and I'm hoping to have more fun with my hobby, with both her and my wife. Thanks to my wife's support, I have been able to continue to collect and to have fun. Stay POPpin!"

Thank you for sharing your Funko experience with the larger Funko Family.

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