Standard Pops! are approximately 4-inches tall on average: though sizes range depending on the character. Figures that are at least 5-inches tall, yet still shorter than 6-inches, are considered "big-in-box", since they are still packaged and sold as standard size Pop! figures.


This is the term used to indicate that the Pop! figure is at least 6-inches tall. These figures are usually of characters that are larger than most others within their source material. For example, Hagrid from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is part giant and therefore taller than most of those around him.


Jumbo Pops! are 10-inches tall. They make great statement pieces to any collection, and some make the characters feel nearly life-sized!


This is one of the newer sizes and there is a smaller selection of characters available as a Mega Pop! collectibles. At a whopping 18-inches tall, Mega Pops! are sure to be the center of your collection; such as the Mega Pop! Harry Potter holding Hedwig of the Wizarding World collection, Mega Pop! Pikachu of the Pokémon collection, and Mega Pop! Dancing Groot of the Guardians of the Galaxy collection.



Some collections have characters that have a "chase" variant which is an alternate version of the character that is slightly different from the original. Sometimes the chase version is wearing an alternate outfit, others could be glow-in-the-dark. There is usually a 1 in 6 chance of finding/collecting a chase variant of a figure. Some older collections had even slimmer (1 in 36) odds of finding a chase.


When a figure is "flocked" that means that instead of the usual smooth texture, the figure has been coated to have a soft, fuzzy texture.


Some Pops! are made with a special glitter coating, adding a sparkle to any collection.


This variant may not be visibly discernible at first, since it may look very similar to a different version of the same character, but in the dark you'll be able to see the figure start to glow. Some figures glow all over while others have specific areas that glow, creating an interesting silhouette in the dark.


Metallic figures look similar to their standard counterparts except some of their paints have a metallic sheen to them. These could also be painted with one color of metallic paint, making them look like statues.


D.I.Y. stands for “do it yourself” and within the context of Funko collectibles it references products that are pre-primed in matte, white paint so that you can decorate your collectible however you'd like.


Typically coated in one color of chrome paint, this variant of Pop! can add a ghostly or trophy-like quality to your collection. For example, the Haunted Mansion 3-pack of chrome Pop! Phineas, Pop! Ezra, and Pop! Gus are must have figures for Disney and chrome collectors alike.


This variant type is newer to Funko collectibles. Blacklight figures are designed and colored to be brightest and most eye-catching when placed under a black light. The Marvel Blacklight collection is exclusive to Target and includes collectibles featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and more. The Alice in Wonderland collection features black light Pop! Alice Curtsying and Pop! Cheshire Cat.


These artistic collectibles have unique patterns applied with water transfer printing techniques and feature motifs that are related to their source material. Their patterns vary between each figure due to the fact that they are hydro dipped in their design and no two figures of the same character turn out the exact same. Art Series figures usually come prepackaged in a Premium Pop! protector.



Refers to the final product images that are to be used for website sales purposes. These images with plain backgrounds are added to a product's purchasable website page to show various details of the product for the best e-shopping experience.


This refers to product photography that shows an item as you may see it “in the wild”. Lifestyle photography could show someone wearing a tee shirt or a snapshot of a collectible on a shelf display for example.


Stands for “Intellectual Property”. For example, Freddy Funko (his image, character, etc.) is Funko's intellectual property and other companies cannot make product for or use Freddy Funko's image without making a specific contract agreement with Funko to do so.


Stands for "Prototype". Prototypes are made to test a new figure mold, and they also enable us to see if there are any details that need to be corrected or adjusted before we produce the final versions. They are usually just one or two colors simply because the vinyl used is colored.


Refers to the hand painted version of a test product mold. These hand paints allow us to test the chosen colors for the final product and make corrections if needed. Hand paints are made after a proto mold has been approved.


This refers to items that are not piece-count limited or exclusive to a particular retail partner.

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