When entering into the world of Pop! and Funko collectibles, it can be overwhelming for a budding Funatic to see all the different types, sizes, and versions of products. Here's a breakdown of the product names associated with Funko products and their different sizes and variants. We hope that this will help inform new Funatics as they enter into the Funko Family community of collectibles.

Not every Funko series or collection has all of the sizes and/or variants detailed below, but many have at least one. First let's delve into the terms that indicate size variations of Pop! products.

Pop! Size Terms


Standard Pops! are approximately 4-inches tall: though sizes range depending on the character. Figures that are at least 5-inches tall, yet still shorter than 6-inches, are considered "big-in-box", since they are still packaged and sold as standard size Pop! figures.

Examples are: Pop! Super Saiyan Kale of the Dragon Ball Super set, Pop! Thanos In the Garden of the Avengers - Endgame collection, and Pop! Earth Giant from the Disney Frozen collection.


This is the term used to indicate that the figure is 6-inches tall. Super Pop! figures include: Pop! Rubeus Hagrid from the Harry Potter collection, Pop! Water Nokk of the Frozen set, and Pop! Eva Unit 01 (Bloody) of the Evangelion collection.


Jumbo Pops! are 10-inches tall. Available Jumbo Pops! include: Jumbo Pop! He-Man of the Masters of the Universe collection, Jumbo Pop! Cubone of the Pokémon set, and Jumbo Pop! The Mandalorian with Child of the Star Wars™: The Mandalorian™ collection.


This is one of the newer sizes and there is a smaller selection of characters available as a Mega Pop! At a whopping 18-inches tall, Mega Pops! are sure to be the center of your collection; such as the Mega Pop! Harry Potter holding Hedwig of the Wizarding World collection, Mega Pop! Pikachu of the Pokémon collection, and Mega Pop! Dancing Groot of the Guardians of the Galaxy collection.

Types of Pop! Products

Along with the varying sizes of Pops! there are also Pop! figures that are different from a standard figure and involve either a scene, recreating a moment, a vehicle, or an additional figure.

Pop! Pen Toppers

Bring your collection to work, school, or on the go with Pop! Pen Toppers. These black ink pens are topped with 1-inch tall Pop! figures. Check out these Wonder Woman 1984 Pop! Pen Toppers, Harry Potter Yule Ball Pop! Pen Toppers, and Hocus Pocus Pop! Pen Toppers as examples.

Pocket Pop!

These 1 to 2 inch tall figures are available either through Funko advent calendars, with exclusive tee shirt bundles, or as a special prize in a box of FunkO's Cereal. These compact collectibles are styled just like their larger Pop! counterparts. Check out the Pocket Pop! Pokémon Advent Calendar!

Pop! Cereal

Something Wild! Card Games

The whole family will have great time playing an easy and fun card game that incorporates some of recognizable Disney characters as stylized Pocket Pop! playing pieces. Sets can be combined, creating fun crossovers like Something Wild! Disney - Maleficent, Something Wild! Disney - Nightmare Before Christmas, and Something Wild! Star Wars™ - Darth Vader.

Pop! Keychain

Take your collection beyond the shelves and carry some of your favorite characters as keychains with Pocket Pop! sized figures. Choose from characters like Pop! keychain Han Solo, Pop! keychain Princess Leia, Pop! keychain Duffman (from The Simpsons), and more!

Pop! Ornaments

Add a dash of pop culture to your holiday décor with Funko Pop! Ornaments. Collect and display a variety of characters for your own seasonal setup or gift these collectible ornaments to fellow fans! Pop! Ornaments make great Secret Santa gifts since there's a variety of characters to choose from, which appeal to a wide variety of pop culture interests.

Pop! Party Lights

Pop! Pez

Enjoy Pez candy from a Funko Pop! stylized dispenser with some of your favorite figures such as Pop! Pez Bigfoot (Myth collection), Pop! Pez Cavity Sam (Retro Toys set), and Pop! Pez Dwight Schrute (The Office collection). These collectible candy dispensers are approximately 4.5-inches tall.

Pop! Pins

Among the plethora of products Funko makes, enamel pins with Pop! designs are available. Some pins are a more normal size, ranging between 1-inch to 2-inches tall, while others are colossal 4-inch tall pins that have a built-in stand; such as Pop! Pin Woody and Pop! Pin Buzz Lightyear of the Toy Story set.

Some Pop! pins are available only through purchasing an exclusive subscription box or special edition Pop! like the Pop! Around the World series. Examples are Pop! Priya and Pop! Tula of the Pop! Around the World collection, which come with their own special pin.

Pop! Sockets

Add a Pop! of your favorite fandom to your phone with a Pop! Socket accessory. Choose from DC Comics characters and Marvel heroes like Funko Pop! Socket Thor (Blacklight).

Pop! & Buddy

These are usually standard size vinyl figures that come with a tiny separate companion figure. Examples would be: Pop! Sabrina Spellman and Salem of the The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina collection, Pop! Clifford with Emily of the Clifford the Big Red Dog collection, and Pop! Miraculous Ladybug with Tikki of the Miraculous Ladybug collection.

Pop! D.I.Y.

These extra special Pop! figures are standard size vinyl figures that are coated in white primer and ready for you to paint, color, and overall transform to your creative desires. Check out figures like Pop! D.I.Y. Dumbo, Pop! D.I.Y. Bo Peep, and Pop! D.I.Y. Simba all of the Disney collection which are "do it yourself" figures.

Pop! Mugs

Pop! Watches

Watches are a timeless accessory, or rather a timely accessory. Now collectors can wear pieces of their collections and show off some of their favorite characters and advertisement icons as Pop! Watches. So far there's Pop! Watch Frankenberry, Pop! Watch Count Chocula, and Pop! Watch Boo Berry.

Pop! Deluxe

This type of Pop! is typically characterized by one distinct figure set in a small scene. Take a look at examples like Pop! Edward Scissorhands with Dinosaur Shrub of the Edward Scissorhands set, Pop! Maleficent on Throne of the Disney Villains collection, and Pop! Hodor Holding the Door of the Game of Thrones collection.

Pop! Die-Cast

The die-cast series is tailored to collecting with its clear packaging/protective case which allows you to see all of the figure inside. Each figure of Pop! Die-Cast series is very detailed and precise, and the case is laser-etched to look like a standard Pop! figure's packaging, except you can see through the "packaging" to admire all sides of your Pop!

Pop! Game Cover and Pop! Album Cover

These collectibles allow you to easily commemorate and display some of your favorite albums, video games, and more! Each version comes prepackaged in a hard protector case, which can be easily hung on a wall, and feature the source material's art with a correlating Pop! figure. The figure is secured in place to the case to prevent any tipping or falling.

Pop! Rides

As their name suggests, Pop! Rides involve a character and some sort of vehicle or mode of transportation. There are three sizes of Pop! Rides including: standard Pop! Ride, Pop! Ride Deluxe, Pop! Trains, and Pop! Ride Super Deluxe. Pop! Ride Skeletor on Panthor, Pop! Ride Bandit with Trans Am, and Pop! Ride Ukrainian Ironbelly with Harry, Ron, and Hermione are good examples.

Pop! Trains

Similar to Pop! Rides these collectibles feature a themed train car and a Pop! figure which can stand inside the train car. Each car can be hooked together to complete a cohesive train display. Disney's 65th Anniversary set features a Pop! Train set which includes Pop! Train Donald Duck on the Casey Jr. Circus Train Attraction. There's also Pop! Train Zero in Duck Car and Pop! Train Hermione Granger with Hogwarts Express Car.

Pop! Town

Pop! Town products are great for creating fuller scenes in your collection since they include a standard size Pop! as well as a vinyl figure building that correlates to the character. For instance, there's Pop! Hagrid's Hut with Fang (of the Harry Potter set), Pop! Sleeping Beauty Castle and Mickey Mouse (from the Disney collection), Pop! Town Scooby-Doo and Haunted Mansion.

Pop! Moment

Whether the scene is from a TV show, movie, game, or a different popular culture source, these large figures depict multiple characters "acting out" a scene while fixed to their base. These are typically figures made to commemorate epic moments from their source material like Pop! Harry Potter versus Voldemort (Harry Potter collection), Pop! Banquet Room - Ghostbusters (The Ghostbusters collection), and Pop! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock (WWE set).

Pop! Disguise Masks

Dress up as some of your favorite characters and match their Funko Pop! figures with Pop! Disguise Masks! Each mask is made of 1mm thick vacuform PVC with screen printed designs and features a 1-inch wide black elastic strap with adjustable buckle. Foam blocks on the inside of the mask, at the forehead and chin, allow for extra wearing comfort. Which figure will you masquerade as?

Funkoverse Games

In the Funkoverse Strategy Game, you combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in exciting game scenarios. Test unlikely teams like having Batman partner up with The Joker. Each character in Funkoverse has unique abilities, so players are encouraged to try out different combinations of characters and items in order to discover their favorite synergies and powerful strategies for the different game scenarios. Check out the variety of Funkoverse Strategy Game sets and expansions.

Pop! Variant Types


Some collections have characters that have a "chase" variant which is an alternate version of the character that is slightly different from the original. Sometimes the chase version is wearing an alternate outfit, others the chase could be glow-in-the-dark. There is usually a 1 in 6 chance of finding/collecting a chase variant of a figure. Some older collections had even slimmer odds of finding a chase. Some examples of figures that have a chase variant are Pop! Bo-Katan Kryze (The Manadolrian™ set), Pop! Chilli (Pop! Music TLC collection), and Pop! Slog with Grub (Funko's Wetmore Forest collection).


When a figure is "flocked" that means that instead of the usual smooth, vinyl texture, the figure has been coated with a soft, fuzzy texture. Check out flocked Pop! figures such as Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons of the Pop! Music ZZ Top lineup, and Pop! Chewbacca.


Some Pops! are made with a special glitter coating, adding a sparkle to your collection. Diamond edition Pop! Guy Diamond with Tiny of the Trolls World Tour collection, Pop! Princess Jasmine of the Aladdin collection, and Pop! Marie of the Aristocats collection are great examples.

Glow In the Dark

This variant may not be visibly discernible at first, since it may look very similar to a different version of the same character, but in the dark you'll be able to see the figure start to glow. Some figures glow all over while others have specific areas that glow, creating an interesting silhouette in the dark. Check out figures like Pop! Geralt of The Witcher Wild Hunt collection or Pop! Glo Worm of the Retro Toys collection.


Metallic figures look similar to their standard counterparts except some of their paints have a metallic sheen to them. These could also be painted with one color of metallic paint, making them look like statues. Take a look at Metallic Pop! Warpig (Pop! Music Motorhead set), metallic Pop! Midas (Fortnite collection), and Pop! Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs Kong set).


Typically coated in one color of chrome paint, this variant of Pop! can add a ghostly or trophy-like quality to your collection. The Haunted Mansion 3-pack of chrome Pop! Phineas, Ezra, and Gus are must have figures for Disney and chrome collectors. There's also favorites like gold chrome Pop! Loki and chrome Pop! Jack Jack (The Incredibles collection).

Black Light

This variant type is newer to Funko collectibles. Black Light figures are designed and colored to be brightest and most eye-catching when placed under a black light. The Marvel Black Light collection is exclusive to Target and includes collectibles featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and more. The Alice in Wonderland collection features black light Pop! Alice Curtsying and Pop! Cheshire Cat.

Pop! Skateboard Decks

Funko skateboard decks are almost always exclusive to a convention, event, or a retail partner. These boards may not always feature Pop! stylized art but they are always stunning and pop culture inspired.

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