We cannot say thank you enough to all of our Funko Family and Funatics! Thank you so much for your patience and sticking with us while we worked through ticketing issues leading up to FunKon, our first hybrid event. We understand it was confusing and challenging leading up to the event (it was for us too); and we appreciate that when we were finally able to get together in person as well as virtually, you were understanding and patient with us. We look forward to taking what we've learned and applying it to future Funko events to bring you even better community events and experiences.

We were overjoyed to see how many Funatics from around the world tuned in to participate in FunKon virtually or visit in-person. To recap our first FunKon we've gathered together pictures from each day, videos from throughout the event, and a recap video called “The FUN of FunKon”! More pictures will be added soon too!

Here's to a great FunKon and Fundays with many more to come!

Set Up & Behind The Scenes at FunKon

Leading into FunKon


Funko Hollywood Store Spotlight

Can't Forget The Loungefly Fashion Show

Funko FunKon Fundays!

Experience the fun of Funko's recurring fan celebration, Fundays!

Funko Friday FunKon Live!

Watch the Funko Friday Live that was hosted during FunKon!

Pop! Talk & Making Hollywood!

Watch the premiere of Funko's Making Hollywood documentary and the full Pop! Talk interview with Elijah Wood!

The FUN of FunKon!

FunKon might be over but here is a glance at some of the FUN! What was your favorite part of FunKon 2021?

Community Corner

There's not enough space for us to be able to highlight every single one of the amazing photos and clips you've all shared with us but we picked a few at random to highlight. We love to see the photos and videos you all share with us via our social channels @OriginalFunko!

Thank you @kalel051 for sharing this wonderful FunKon stage picture!
Thank you @all_dem_all for sharing an exciting FunKon collecting moment with us!
We loved this picture @paisleyandpoise tagged us in.
It's always awesome to see some of the Funko Family band together! Thanks for sharing @tinapantss.

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