Grab your pillbox hat or sport coat! Funkoville is open for visitors soon and we’re here to help you map out your trip. Since last year, Funkoville has expanded! Now featuring a Funkoville Visitor Center, Bitty Mart, Funko Games, and Blockbuster REWIND. The Loungefly Boutique has been repainted this year, along with Mondo’s shop. Also open this year is the Funko Donuts, Funko Motel, and Crown Bowl lanes- all side by side on Main Street. There’s even a penny press so you can create your own commemorative coin! Get ready for the funnest city in the U.S.A. and all its exclusive souvenirs! 


Thursday, July 20th to Sunday, July 23rd 2023


San Diego Comic-Con is being held in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center. 

San Diego Convention Center is located at 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

How to Visit Funkoville

Accessible with official SDCC badges, fans are invited to enter the streets of “Funkoville'' to explore the remarkable town, which is offering a variety of exclusive products over the course of San Diego Comic-Con. 

Only two of the booths are restricted by ticketed time slots. Tickets to purchase exclusive products at Funko’s Bitty Mart and Main Street booths (the conjoined Funko Donuts, Funko Motel, and Crown Bowl sets), are awarded via lottery through the San Diego Comic-Con portal. Starting July 3rd at 12 PM PT, the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Portal (available under “My Orders” when logged into your SDCC Account) will be open for attendees to elect which booth experiences they would like a chance to win access to. Now this is electing for the chance to win these timed experiences, not a guarantee. For more information about the Exclusives Portal and Submission of Interests please click through to San Diego Comic-Con’s post “Exclusives How-To”

The Exclusives Portal will be open for Submissions of Interest from 7/3 at noon (12 PM) PT to 7/16 at 11:59 PM PT. Random selection of slot winners will happen on 7/17. 

Only those who are awarded ticket time slots will be able to purchase exclusives at those two Funko booths at their allotted times. Visiting the booth does not guarantee you any specific item(s) at the Funko booth. Items may sell out by the time you reach the front of the line. More details about the booth entry will be coming soon! 

Bulletin Reminders

Attendee & Professional badges only. 

One ticket per person, per day. 

This ticket is for a chance to purchase items at the Funko booth. Having a ticket does not guarantee any specific item(s) at the Funko booth. Items may sell out by the time patrons reach the front of the line. Tickets are for a specific date and time and must be redeemed for that specific session by the person awarded the ticket. It will not be possible to get tickets for multiple time slots for an attempt to purchase multiple times per day. Tickets are not transferrable. Only attendees with Funko booth tickets will be able to purchase products at the booth, and there will be a strict purchase limit of one of each item. Patrons will not be able to line up at the Funko booth before their session begins. ADA attendees must also go through their ticket session process, as detailed above. 

Funkoville Tour

View the nine attractions and shops at Funkoville. Here's a map to keep you on track.

Funkoville Pin Collector Map

Funkoville visitors are in for a treat! This year each of the Funkoville locations has its own special enamel pin! Collect all the variant pins you can and keep track with this Funkoville Enamel Pin Checklist! 

Collect as many of the 18 possible pins exclusive to Funkoville! Here's a pin collector checklist to keep track of what you find.


Will the Funko Booth be open to the public at all during SDCC? 

Yes. The two ticketed booths will be open to the public each day after ticketed sessions are complete. Most of the booths are not restricted to timed reservation tickets, so feel free to meander around all of Funkoville. 

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? 

You must have your SDCC 2023 badge on and visible when you check in for your reservation time. While we do not recommend this event for small children, children are welcome. However, each and every attendee will require a ticket for the two booths that are time slot restricted entry, regardless of age. Children may accompany their parent(s)/guardian(s) to their time reservation but they will not be allowed to purchase any items if they do not have their own ticket.  

Have More Questions?

More info is coming soon about exclusive products and more. If you have further questions about Funkoville at SDCC 2023 please feel reach out to us via our social channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with @OriginalFunko and #SDCC2023. We'll do our best to answer the questions we can and add common questions and their answers to this portion of the SDCC 2023 blog! 

Stay tuned for more announcements and info to be uploaded right here for those following along remotely. Stay tuned for more info posted to @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter with #Funkoville and #SDCC2023.