Introduced in July 2020, FunTV started out as a way to announce Funko Virtual Convention exclusives in a more engaging way while featuring lighthearted skits of Mike Becker and Brian Mariotti. Now, thanks to our Funatics and your engagement with the content, FunTV has evolved into much more, becoming its own online channel with reoccurring features and a weekly schedule!

FunTV Season 2 Trailer

Stay tuned for more entertainment coming from FunTV! Season 2 starts June 6th! #Funko #FunTV

FunTV Schedule

POP! Around The World

Each episode of POP! Around The World shows us a different corner of the world, how pop culture has made its way into daily life, as well as introduce us to Funatics and collectors in the area! Join us in Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Peru to name a few! Tune in every Monday at 4pm to see where we're headed to next!

POP! Talk

Join a variety of hosts as they interview your favorite celebrities with questions Funatics want answered! On POP! Talk we get to know some pretty fun stuff that you won't hear anywhere else. Our guests also create their very own Funko Pop! during the interview! New episodes are released every Tuesday at 4pm!

POP! Quiz

The trivia quiz show POP! Quiz features Funatics and Funko collectors competing for a variety of prizes including coveted prototypes of popular collectibles. Play along with the contestants of POP! Quiz to test your pop culture knowledge! You can participate at home and enter to win prizes through our live Twitch feed! New episodes release every Wednesday at 4pm!

Freddy's Funhouse

Do you know what time it is? It's time for Freddy's Funhouse! Want to know about the newest Funko product releases? Would you like a sneak peek on what's coming next? Hilary and Ashley host Freddy's Funhouse where you can join to see product reveals, reviews, and chat with guests to the show in this wacky new place we call Freddy's Funhouse! Delivery Dave always brings sweet surprises to unveil! Visit Freddy's Funhouse every Thursday at 4pm!

The Artists' Studio

Take a moment to sit down with Senior Vice President of Creative, Ben Butcher, and Senior Art Director, Sean Wilkinson to learn some of the ins and outs of the art side of Funko. Learn how the creative process works at Funko and enjoy visits from guest artists. Each episode of The Artists' Studio has a theme to focus on different facets of technique, style, influences, and more. Want to have your art featured? Funatics can submit their burning questions or works of art to receive feedback from Ben and Sean! Check our social channels to learn how to participate!

A Look At Loungefly

Preview our premiere fan-focused fashion accessories coming from Loungefly. We know that everyone is a fan of something, and we have something for everyone! During A Look at Loungefly, members of the Loungefly team preview every beautiful detail of upcoming products from Loungefly. With an inside scoop on apparel, accessories, and collectible pins, you and your loved ones can get an exclusive look at ways to wear your favorite fandoms in style. New episodes are available on Fridays at 4pm!

Let's Play! Funko Games

In a world where strategy matters and board games reign supreme, Let's Play! Funko Games provides quick tutorials on its most popular games, where fans are the highest authority! From kid games to full strategy play, we've got all ages and experiences covered. Join Adam each Friday at 4pm to learn more!

Additional Content on FunTV

While there is regularly scheduled content Monday through Friday, there are also additional videos that air on FunTV.

Funko Flicks

Our award-winning documentaries have finally come to See “Making Fun -The Story of Funko” and “Making Hollywood -The Making of Funko Hollywood”. Visit the Funko Flicks page to take a closer look at the history and rise of Funko, and the grand opening of our Everett, Washington and Hollywood stores!

Funko Features

Want to watch one of our artists draw a character? How about an interesting story about a Funko Funatic or two? Or maybe a spotlight on one of our many creative and awesome employees. Watch these fascinating Funko Features shorts, and much more, as we highlight the people and fans behind Funko!

Funatic Shoutouts

Hey Funko Funatics! Send us your Funatic Shoutout for a chance to be added to our new Funatics page. Make it fun and creative. What's your favorite Funko item and why? Share something that's interesting in your life. Your job? Your hometown? Do you collect anything other than Funko? You can even submit your own videos! Learn more by heading to the Funatic Shoutouts page!


Catch up on our video featurettes from the past few years. Silly skits, wacky reveals, bloopers, and a few surprises. Funko is all about fun, and we sure have had a blast bringing this all to you. Enjoy!

We always look forward to bringing more fun into the lives of our Funatics and collectors, and we hope you enjoy all of the FunTV offerings. Show us your favorite content by tagging @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with #FunTV.