Creep on over and give a wickedly wonderful welcome to new Boo Hollow friends from the Paka Paka line! In Boo Hollow, there's a crisp chill in the air, and the leaves are turning candy-corn colors all year round. Boo Hollow residents are always ready to have good-natured, mischievous fun. Let's meet them now--just in time for Funkoween!

Hauntingly Familiar Faces with Spirited New Looks:

Nina in her Witchmobile:

A witchy new ride is sweeping through town. With this souped up, tricked-out set of wheels, Nina can spot all the eyeballs she needs for her latest brew. Hop in and take a spin!


Howling by on a tombstone skateboard, Phinneas is ready to shred. Join him for a scary good time.

Fresh and Frighteningly Fun!

Itsy: A weaver of warm hugs, Itsy can't resist making cozy blankets and hammocks for scrumptious, exhausted flies. Be sure to greet Itsy to experience true Boo Hollow hospitality.

Stitches: Bursting with kernels of corn knowledge, Stitches will talk your ear off. Take Stitches on a walk to learn about all varieties of corn. From sweet corn to candy corn, Stitches gets right at the root of the subject.

Dr. Oops: Acid or a base? Solid or a liquid? Dr. Oops doesn't always know which end is up, but his parties in the lab are a blast—and they're always BYOA (Bring Your Own Antidote).

Gordy: Everyone wants Gordy on their pumpkin-patch race team! Gordy is the perfect pumpkin pal for picking.

Vlad: Sinking his teeth into all the fun, Vlad takes a big bite out of the night life in Boo Hollow. He wants you to join him for a midnight snack.

Tanis: With an appetite for preserving vintage styles, Tanis resurrects ghoulish fashion that never dies.

Ori: No mask can hide Ori's sweet spirit inside. Ori wants to welcome you to the Moans and Groans club—and promises it'll be a scream.

Blorp: Recently escaped from the lab, Blorp is harmless, with a cheerful blurbble, blurbble, which means, “Exc--ooze me. Do you have the slime?” He'd love to join you for a drink but can't quite grasp the game of bat-minton.

Creak: Swing music from rusty hinges makes Creak sing. But his song turns sour if he's mistaken for a coffee table. If anything, he's a coffin table. Join him for a haunting sing a long in the attic or basement.

Which Boo Hollow member will you take home to haunt your collection? Let us know on social media by tagging @OfficialFunko and using the hashtags #BooHollow and #PakaPaka