Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Pop who?

Your Funko-Funatic dad, popping in for a joke on Father's Day! (Cue the dad-joke groan.)

Here at Funko, we're wishing a great big happy Father's Day to all the fathers and fatherly figures who guide and support us throughout the years. Cheers to you! To celebrate, we're featuring 5 different pop-culture movie & TV characters who warm our hearts with their wisdom and wit. Get ready to relax, grab a snack, and enjoy the day!

5 Pop! Dads We're Celebrating!

The Mandalorian™:
Finding a way to keep Grogu™ safe is no small task, but the Mandalorian goes above and beyond— wherever he goes. In taking up his role as a guardian for Grogu, he sets boundaries: Playing with the silver knob on the controls of the Razor Crest is a "no." However, the Mandalorian also helps Grogu develop his special powers, even passing the shiny silver ball back and forth with him—using the Force.

Lebron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy:
Being the hero on the court is a legacy Lebron James' character wants to pass down to his son, Dominic. But Dominic has other plans, which Lebron James comes to accept. When the stakes are high, he encourages his son to push through.

Carl from Up:
Keeping a love for adventure alive is one of the many lessons Carl Fredricksen embraces in Disney-Pixar's Up. When Russell joins in on the adventures, Carl forms a special bond with him—even showing up for him at the Wilderness Explorer's award ceremony, pulling him in as family.

Jim Halpert from The Office:
Office pranks take on superhero heights with Jim Halpert around. But he also learns to value what's important, making time for Pam, his children, and friends.

Sulley from Monsters Inc.:
Laughter is more powerful than screams, as Sulley discovers. When he meets Boo, he goes to great lengths to protect her. He learns that not everything is as it seems and that it's important to do the right thing.


Which pop-culture dads have made an impact on your life? Be sure to thank your real-world father and fatherly figures for the lessons they've shared as well.

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