There's no wrong way to celebrate the holidays. Some people like to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and a Hallmark movie. Others like to curl up with a bowl of worm's wort soup to watch NYPD detective John McClane eviscerate terrorist Hans Gruber. This holiday guide gift list is for people who fall into the latter category. If any of these spine-tingling exclusive Hot Topic items happen to jingle your bells, you can add them to your sleigh here.

Halloween might be over, but the Upside Down remains a merry place to spend the holidays, even if the facilities are somewhat lacking. Cozy up with Hawkins' favorite teenage heartthrob with a Steve Harrington throw blanket while sipping your favorite soup from your Stranger Things chibi mug and spoon set. And take the time to admire your trio of Stranger Things ornaments including the Demogorgon, Eleven and Steve Harrington armed with a nail-studded baseball bat. Could there possibly be a better way to spend a cold winter evening? The throw costs $24.90, the soup mug costs $14.90 and the ornament three-pack costs $24.90.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you're going to need calories to burn if you want to complete everything on your holiday to-do list. Start every morning right with a bowl of FunkO's cereal. If you're in the mood to make a deal with the devil, try the Cuphead cereal which includes a Cuphead Pocket Pop! with every box. Or maybe you're in the mood to hang out with a serial killer clown while you eat your relaxing breakfast, in which case the blood-red Pennywise cereal and Pocket Pop! is the way to go. Knock an item off your bucket list by having breakfast with the Mistress of the Dark while eating black Elvira cereal. Each box which includes a Pocket Pop! costs $10.90.

If your favorite thing about Christmas is The Nightmare Before Christmas, stock up on plush figures for every stocking. A 12” Sally Rag Doll plush and 12” Pumpkin Santa Jack plush are the perfect couple to place beneath the mistletoe. And Lock, Shock and Barrel are available as individual approximately 7” Supercute Plush figures, but you'll probably want to buy all three because they tend to run in a pack.

Till your next list of holiday shopping ideas, stay merry and stay on Santa's good list.