As people around the world celebrate the women who inspire them and have made great achievements in various spheres of society, we're making a space to feature some of our own team members and who inspires them.

Check back in each week of March to meet 4 more Women of Funko!

Alexa D. - Associate 3D Visualization Artist for the Creative Department

“Sailor Moon is my favorite Pop! because she's had such an influence on me starting from a young age. Despite being a hero, she is relatable to me. She makes mistakes, she is goofy, clumsy, emotional, and imperfect. She made me feel like someone like me could be a superhero! Sailor Moon as a whole was also one of the things that inspired me to draw at a young age and is why I am where I am now as a career.”

Amie Z. - 3D Visual Display Artist for the Creative Department

“Elvira is my figure of choice both for the character and the woman behind her. Elvira represents a feminine horror icon that stands alone with her sarcasm, punny one liners, and vampy style. Cassandra Peterson is a self-made woman who maintains the balance between savvy business woman and humble celebrity similar to the likes of Dolly Parton. And now a fabulous member of our LGBTQ+ community! Seriously, what's not to love?”

Anna C. - Associate Sculpting Director for the Creative Department

“Growing up I vividly remember watching Xena with my mom. She was a fictional heroine that showed that women can be strong and do anything! She has been my inspiration ever since.”

Ashley A. - Social Media Community Manager for the Marketing Department

“I picked Betty White as she was a pioneer in her industry, paving the way for women in entertainment. A lot can be said about how she carried herself and interacted with people. Her love of animals and activism were inspiring. You never heard a bad word about her. We could do with more people like her in this world!”

Aubrey J. - Event Specialist for the Marketing Department

“The Pop! I chose inspires me because my daughter created this at the HQ Pop! Factory of her grandmother, ‘Mama' on the box. It was nice to see my daughter involved with the process of choosing how she should look and then later gifting it to her for Christmas. I am very appreciative of my mom for always being there for us and I enjoy watching the relationship between them. We love you Mama!”

Bev C. - Output Designer for the Creative Department

“Ripley inspires me to be courageous, clever, and brave.”

Chelsea B. - Photographer for the Creative Department

“Sansa is grounded, loyal, and powerful in her own right. Her personal growth and resulting self-awareness are things I came to admire and swayed me into her becoming one of my favorite icons!”

Elizabeth H. - Associate Utilities Artist for the Creative Department

"I chose BTS as the group that inspires me because I found them and their music in the beginning of COVID and it really helped me get through it. Their songs carry wonderful meanings and their personalities are very uplifting and genuine. They seem like a great group of friends you would never get tired of hanging out with and their work ethnic never fails to make me want to work harder and better. They simply make me want to be a better person every day!"

Erika F. - Associate Designer for the Creative Department

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired me to always stick up for the things I know are right and to also lend my skills and time to my community. 'Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.' -R.B.G.”

Jen H. - Senior Sales Director for the Sales Department

“Moira Rose is eccentric yet lovable. She's uncompromising. I love her adventurous fashion and how she reinvents herself almost daily on the outside but remains 100% true to herself (faults, insecurities, weird optimism and all). I also LOVE the show and everything it's about.”

Jennifer M. - Senior Creative Producer for the Creative Department

“Some of the most beautiful chances in life happen by becoming a lost toy. Bo Peep, shows an ever-growing strength that I always want to share.”

Kaitlyn Lindsey G. - Product Sample Coordinator for the Product Development Department

“Lilo is my inspiration because she's super caring and loving of everyone. She always goes out of her way to help. Whether they're a human or a crazy, wild, alien; she always does her best to help their messy situations.”

Kayla M. - Associate Art Director for the Creative Department

“Selena was a force and an inspiration to many and as a Texan Latina woman myself, having her to look up to while growing up is something I will cherish always.”

Kaysi S. - Associate Designer for the Creative Department

“Galadriel is the most powerful figure in middle earth; she knows her own worth, and knows she doesn't need the ring of power.”

Kristen N. - Product Sample Coordinator for the Product Development Department

“I chose Pocahontas because of her love and respect for nature and all living things, and her strength to stand up for want she believes in!”

Lauren B. - Senior Manager of Digital Marketing for the Direct to Consumer Department

“Wonder Woman came out in the 1940s at a time when women were largely represented very differently in cinema, literature, and more. She is a strong (mentally and physically!), butt-kicking leader that has continued to stand up to the same caliber of some of the most well-known superheroes across comics. Plus, this particular Pop! she's riding a Pegasus and being a horse girl, I think that's awesome.”

Lauren H. - Territory Sales Manager for the Sales Department

“I chose Rachel Green because she ventured out on her own, made her way by working hard at her career, and found happiness when becoming a mom.”

Lia W. - Brand Marketing Associate for the Marketing Department

"Alexis Rose is a Pop! that inspires me because when she went from having everything to almost nothing, yet learned how to become a real friend, a better family member and how to appreciate the smaller and less materialistic things in life.”

Liz L. - General Manager for the Funko HQ Flagship Store

“Funko is big on empowering women and I have been graciously chosen to show a Pop! that inspires me! I choose to build my own Pop! People. The Pop! that inspires me is Funko's fearless leader Sr. Vice President Direct to Consumer, Johanna Gepford. I have watched her grow this company from a small business to a publicly traded company. With her dedication and innovating ways, she never ceases to amaze me. Funko and I wouldn't be as successful as we are today without her.”

Meridia C. - Marketing Copywriter for the Creative Department

“My name often gets mistaken as Merida; but of all the options, I'm happy to be mistaken as her. Pop! Merida inspires me to continue to make my own destiny despite the expectations that others may try to force upon me.”

Ryann F. - Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Direct to Consumer Department

"Morticia Addams has always been one of my favorite T.V. characters! She's poised yet powerful, and has a sharp, quick-wit that I admire so much!"

Somaly C. - Senior Event Manager for the Marketing Department

“I chose Okoye because she is loyal to her home of Wakanda. She is also a badass and the general of the Dora Milaje, an all-female army. And who runs the world?... Girls.”

Stina W. - Senior Administrative Assistant for the Corporate Governance Department

“Moana is strong, compassionate, and follows her heart, even though her community tries to conform her to their expectations of who she should be. It is my hope to raise my daughter and second child to be as confident as Moana.”

Taylor Z. - Public Relations Specialist for the Public Relations Department

“When I first saw Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series I fell in love! She showed me that it's okay to be weird, funny; and to always embrace who you really are inside and out, and stand up for yourself no matter what! Always live life to the fullest!”

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