Welcome to Pop! Yourself online. In a world full of Pop!abilities, Funko now offers the opportunity to create online custom collectibles and order them right to your door. 

What is Pop! Yourself?

Pop! Yourself allows you, yes you, to become a Funko Pop! figure. Stand among your favorite heroes, characters, and celebrities as a custom Funko Pop! Create Pops! of yourself, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, teammates, and everyone else. There are millions of combinations to explore, all available now on Funko.com.  

You may recognize Pop! Yourself from our Funko Everett Headquarters and Funko Hollywood stores. We are excited to make this unique experience more accessible than ever by allowing you to customize your own Pops! on our website.

How does Pop! Yourself work?

Here we've hyperlinked where you can custom-build your Pop! figure. You’ll be able to choose your body type, hairstyles, glasses, facial hair, hats, clothing, and accessories. And you can add a companion (such as a pet) for $4. There are millions of Pop!tions, don't be shy about trying a bunch before finalizing your order! 

What should I expect with this online builder?

Our custom builder will guide you through the steps. We have hundreds of items to choose from, including new hairstyles, clothing, and accessories which will give everyone new ways to express themselves. We’re also excited to introduce Pop! Babies (yes, babies!) coming later this fall.  

Our new customized box allows you to put your name on the front. It also features a space to write a personalized note on the back. 

Pop! Yourself FAQs

How much does Pop! Yourself cost?  

The new and improved Pop! Yourself experience costs $30, which includes the custom figure and personalized box.  

Buddies are an additional $4 and will be placed in the box with the built figure. *Limit 2 per figure, at present.  

Pop! Protectors are optional and can be purchased for $8. 

Can I buy buddies by themselves?  

At this time, Pop! Buddies can only be purchased with a Pop! Yourself custom-build. Limit 2 per Pop! built. 

How long will it take to build and ship? 

As part of the initial launch, please allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days for shipment following purchase. 

Can I still download, share, and save my avatar?  

Of course! This feature will remain available. We want everybody to share their Pop!pleganger! 

Why does the name I put on the box keep getting deleted?

We’ve identified certain terms to be inappropriate and/or trademarked that are not allowed to be put on the box.  

Will my Pop! Yourself item arrive with the rest of my order?  

Pop! Yourself orders will ship separately from other Funko purchases until further notice. 

Will Pop! Yourself still be at your flagship stores?  

Yes! And we are continuing to explore ways to further enhance the in-store experiences.  

I live outside the USA. Can I purchase a Pop! Yourself figure?  

We are only shipping to the USA at this time. 

Additional Pop! Yourself Info

Because these figures are customized, all sales are final, and figures are non-returnable. Please reach out to customer service with any additional concerns with your item.  

These custom Pops! are not officially licensed characters; any resemblance to licensed characters is purely coincidental and is not official.

All standard Funko shipping terms apply. 

Now it's your turn!

Try out Pop! Yourself. Introduce your Pop!pleganger on social media by tagging @OriginalFunko with the hashtag #PopYourself on Twitter, Threads, Facebook, and Instagram.