Let me introduce myself; I'm Butterhorn and I have been given the honor of chronicling the history and day-to-day adventures of the Wetmore Forest monsters. For countless generations, we have made the misty Northwest rainforests our home. Even old Sapwood Mossbottom, my teacher, mentor and elder of our clan, doesn't know how far back it was when we monsters first came to Wetmore. We've explored this boundless forest far and wide (as far as a monster dare explore, anyway).

Mostly this is a land of happy creatures, fertile land and friendly monsters living in perfect harmony with our lush surroundings. Us monsters usually spend our days exploring wooded glens and frolicking in endless meadows. Sure, there are chores to do and projects to work on, but mostly I pal around with my monster cohorts: Tumblebee, Picklez, Chester McFreckle, Bugsy Wingnut and our appointed leader and my best friend Snuggletooth. We forage for mushberries (our favorite snack), fish in Forktail Creek and play the occasional heated game of brackenball.

So, I found this old map in one of the old Wetmore texts that shows pretty much where I live and all the mysterious and far-off places surrounding our little village. As you will notice, on the other side of Black Gulch, among the lonely peaks and steeps is Mt. Shuksan, a live volcano that rumbles and spews ash into the skies above. Another clan of monsters live there. Few have met these mysterious creatures and many dark stories are told of the monsters that live among the caves of Mt. Shuksan. We keep a watchful eye on the volcano and all the goings-on of Wetmore Forest in hopes of keeping the balance of nature intact and maintaining our carefree way of life. So far so good!

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GrumbleMagnus TwistknotSapwood MossbottomSmootsMulchAngus KnucklebarkLiverwortSlog with GrubSlog with Grub Chase

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