Welcome to Fruit Isle, a sunny little island in the Food Isle archipelago located just south of the equator. This tropical wonderland is surrounded by blueberry-flavored waves that crash gently onto soft shores of coconut shavings. Keep your eyes peeled and you may see bubbling pineapple volcanoes and slippery banana peel caverns found amidst zesty orange juice waterfalls.

Here, the Fruit Bats soar in their natural habitat where they have carved out a little slice of paradise. Get ready to take flight as we introduce these bite-sized residents of Funko's Paka Paka capsule collection! Who will be your pick of the bunch?


Ava knows how to guac-and-roll with the punches! When life is the pits, she always keeps things positive. Ava appears in green and brown avocado varieties.

Drago is colorful and curious, but don't let his scaly, dragon fruit look fool you! Deep down, this friendly flyer is sweet and tenderhearted. Drago can be found in colors of pink and orange.

Ruby brings a splash of sunshine wherever she goes with grapefruit ears and wings. Her tangy and tart personality brings a refreshing take to any situation.

Lima is delightfully invigorating, just like a lime. She'd love to wrap her wings around you for a fresh squeeze! You can find Lima with yellow and green ears.

Wikie has large kiwifruit ears that show his zest for life. Spend some time with this furry friend and you're sure to thrive on the vine!

Pinya wears a crown of lush, green pineapple leaves. With her regal look, this fashion-forward flyer brings a burst of flavor wherever she goes.

Bree loves to bask in the rays of the summer sun. Hang with this fruity cutie to soak up some extra strawberry sweetness! Bree can be found in blue and cream coloring.

Spitz is always in search of his next snack, but he'd love to join you sometime to sit down and relax! His watermelon-striped ears and spotted wings reflect the spirit of lazy summer days.


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