Beep! Beep! Order up! It’s time to celebrate National Fast Food Day, November 16. We’ve cooked up a few ideas to help you get your fill of fun, so pull up to the drive-through. It’s crunch time!

Classic Characters on the Menu

Show off your good taste in fashion with a Loungefly McDonald’s accessory, such as the French Fry Crossbody Bag, the Ronald McDonald Mini Cosplay Backpack, and the Hamburglar Cosplay Mini Backpack. Check out the entire Loungefly McDonald’s collection here.

Loungefly McDonald's French Fry Crossbody Bag, fully figural
Loungefly McDonald's Ronald McDonald Cosplay Mini Backpack
Loungefly McDonald's Hamburglar Cosplay Mini Backpack

Don’t forget to pick up a few vinyl figure Pops! along with your order. Pop! Speedee, Pop! Holiday Grimace, and Pop! Tennis McNugget are ready to deliver smiles. See the full Funko McDonald’s selection here.

Pop! Speedee running with a sign that says "I'm 'Speedee'"
Pop! Holiday Grimace, wearing a Santa hat and candy-cane striped scarf
Pop! Tennis McNugget with tennis racket, tennis balls, and McDonald's logo headband

Drink in the fun with Coca-Cola Pop! Ad Icons. There’s an exclusive flocked Pop! 90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear, exclusive Pop! Coca-Cola Santa in Chair, and Pop! Coca-Cola Can.

Exclusive flocked Pop! 90s Coca-Cola Bear with shades and a Coca-Cola bottle
Pop! Coca-Cola Santa, seated in chair, holding a Coca-Cola bottle
Pop! Coca-Cola Can, smiling, waving arms

Put in a tall order of gift-giving delight with a Popsies Bob’s Big Boy. Send a personalized greeting that friends and loved ones will enjoy.

Popsies Bob's Big Boy popping up with his arms out. The message overhead says, "You're a big deal."

Recharge for the Game!

Cool off and refresh with cuddly exclusive Gamer Food Funko Plushies™. Green Tea Bubble Tea Plush and Matcha Swiss Roll Cake Plush would be sweet additions to your collection. Check out the entire Funko Gamer Food selection here.

Exclusive Gamer Food Funko Green Tea Bubble Tea Plush, 7 inches tall, shaped like a take-out cup with straw, winking/smiling face
Exclusive Gamer Food Funko Matcha Swiss Roll Plush, 5 inches tall, shaped like a slice of cream-filled matcha cake

Sweet and Salty

Stock up on snack-time favorites. Pop! Julius Pringles is here to share a snack with the rest of your collection, and Pop! Twinkies looks deliciously dashing. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a brand-new way with a vinyl figure Pop! Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. Don’t forget to start your day off by scooping up a bowl full of delectable memories with Pop! Toucan Sam with Fruit Hat. Browse lots of fresh new picks in our Pop! Ad Icons section.

Pop! Julius Pringles, mustachioed mascot, with a can of Pringles in hand
Pop! Twinkies, with a bite taken out of the top, holding a box of Hostess Twinkies
Pop! Hershey's bar, holding a piece of the chocolate bar and smiling
Pop! Toucan Sam with a colorful assortment of fruit in a basket on his head

Oodles of Noodles

Work up an appetite? Feed your craving for anime collectibles with Pop! Tanjiro with Noodles and Pop! Himiko Toga with Sushi.

Pop! Tanjiro from Demon Slayer eating a bowl of noodles
Pop! Himiko Toga with eyepatch and bandage, seated on a bean bag, eating sushi

Get a Slice of the Action

 Round out your collection with pizza-related Pops! Pop! Leonardo (Mutant Mayhem) could probably use a pizza after fighting off crime, but you might want to take your pizza to go if you encounter Pop! Santa Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s™. Check out our entire FNAF and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles selection.

Pop! Leonardo with blue mask and sword in hand, ready for action
Pop! Santa Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's, wearing a Santa suit

Dig in and Celebrate!

Pull out the ketchup and mustard packet drawer. Top off National Fast Food Day with a fun activity. Here are a few ideas:

1) It wouldn’t be National Fast Food Day without a visit to a fast food restaurant. Indulge in your favorite meal, or you can have fun recreating it at home.

2) Host a fast-food-themed party. Gather friends for a potluck and play the Funko Pop-Tarts Card Game for fast-paced, flavorful fun.

Funko Kellog's Pop-Tarts Card Game

3) Research historic fast-food menus and hold a trivia night with questions about restaurant names, menu items, and prices.

4) Research international fast-food restaurant items you can’t get in the United States. Which ones would you try?

5) Buy gift cards to fast-food restaurants to give away—or host a fun holiday gift exchange featuring various fast-food restaurant gift cards.

6) Gather all your favorite fast-food-related Loungefly items, Funko Pops! and SODAs for a photo shoot. Be sure to share them with @OriginalFunko on X, Instagram, and Facebook.

Bon appétit!