Gather ‘round for a tantalizing tale of sweet treats gone wrong! Unwrap the mystery of Somewhere-town, USA, where curious events have led to confectionery chaos. Read on for an inside scoop on Twisted Treats, a creepy-crawly capsule collection from Funko's Paka Paka line.

Welcome to Somewhere-town, USA

It was a day like any other day… or so the people of Somewhere-town thought. The sun shone brightly in a blueberry-colored sky, looking as fine as a glowing, custard pie. Suddenly, a dark and swirling storm cloud emerged overhead with unsavory results. A bolt of lightning struck the town's beloved sweetshop, transforming once-placid pastries into hideously irresistible, zombified treats!

Soon, the streets of Somewhere-town were overrun by frosted frights. As these adorably menacing morsels loomed over the city, it became clear that dessert would never be the same again.

Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Fright

In for a sickly-sweet scare? Take a closer look at the Twisted Treats that are taking over the town!

Weirdough is leaving everyone glazed and confused! Beware of fiendish frosting covered in sinister, sugary sprinkles as this larger-than-life pastry takes its order of unrest to-go. Don't let your guard down – this notorious nibble may appear dunked in shiny, metallic silver.

S'moretified can't wait to lure you into its ooey-gooey trap. Though these chocolatey, marshmallowy insides may look tempting, don't stick around for too long! This terrifying treat will munch at a moment's notice.

Grody Cannoli lumbers through town, filled to the brim with rotten ricotta. Dare not to bite into this pestilent pastry, for it just might bite back! This somber snack may also be found chock-full of chocolate.

Corpsecake has risen from the oven and wanders the streets with frosted filling covered in worms! Run fast as this creepy-crawly cupcake inches its way toward you. This overbaked treat also appears with pink cake, white frosting, and multicolored worms.

I-Scream, you scream, everyone screams when they see I-Scream! Steer clear of this icy monster or you will become frozen in place.

Shakes will put a chill up your spine should you dare take a sip from its frothy glass. Gaze into these cherry-red eyes and you may find yourself on the brink of a nasty brain-freeze.

Barfday Cake burns brightly with candles and eyes ablaze! Make a wish for malevolent mischief and it just may come true. Extinguish all thoughts of engaging with this celebratory sweet, or this birthday cake could be your last!

are two twisted flavors that have fused into one frightfully frozen treat! Take a bite out of this dynamic duo and you're sure to face the frigid aftermath. This petrifying pair may pop up in red and blue or purple and green coloring.

Gangrene Apple
oozes with coagulated caramel as it strikes a sour stare. Avert your eyes before it's too late! This bad apple may arrive dipped in metallic gold as it worms its way into your path.

Adorably Abnormal

Who knows where these diabolic delicacies will roam next! Cook up your own collection of Twisted Treats with a bite-sized tribute to the sinister story of Somewhere-town, USA. Which of the 15 possible Paka Paka capsule collectibles will you receive?

Let us know which of the Twisted Treats you'd set loose for a night on the town! Show us your favorite munchable mutant by tagging @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with #PakaPaka.