If you happen to be in the Philippines and want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, this is what you'd say: “Maligayang Pasko!” And if you happened to be at Funko Funatics Philippines' annual holiday party at the Metro Tent Convention Center in Pasig City on November 30, you'd have plenty of opportunities and reasons to celebrate. Nikko Lim who helped organize the party and Funko Funatic Philippines took the time to answer some questions about the party. Also, check out a video of the festivities.

How long has the Philippines Funko community been hosting a Christmas party?
We have been doing this since 2013. This was our seventh Christmas party.

Where did the idea come from?
Since Christmas is widely celebrated here in the Philippines, I thought of having a small Christmas get together when we started the group in 2013, for us to get together and get to know fellow Funatics.

How long have you been a Funatic?
I started collecting Funko around 2011. I was hooked up with Funko because of their amazing products and IPs that I love. It brings back a lot of childhood memories. But now what keeps me a Funatic is the strong bond the Funko community have.

How many people attended this year's Christmas party?
Almost 1,000 people attended this year's Christmas party. This was the biggest we had. Our first one in 2013, there were only 14 of us. Last year was about 500 attendees.

How long does it take to put this party together?
We started planning this party December 2018. Almost one year in the making! I also have been going to Fundays since 2014. I just want to share and bring to the Funko Funatic Philippines community a little bit of Fundays experience.

Does the Christmas party have a theme every year?
This is actually the first time we had a theme. We chose a School of Fun theme because we all want to feel like kids again who are still in grade school and having fun.

How would you describe the Funko Funatic Philippines community?
Funko Funatic Philippines is an active and growing community. We now have more than 27,000 active members in our Facebook group. Through our various events, we were able to invite and attract more people to join us and be part of the Funko Funatic Philippines community. Funko has a lot of fans all over the world. But I think one reason why we have such a huge fan base here in the Philippines is we have an organized, active and solid community, which is Funko Funatic Philippines.

What was your favorite part of this year's Christmas party?
It is very hard to choose one favorite part in this year's Christmas party. All the parts of the program were well thought of. I think one of my favorites and most memorable would be the end of the party, where people were congratulating us for a successful and fun event.

What happened at this year's party?
There were a lot of things that happened at this year's party. Of course there was food! Plenty of food including whole roasted pigs, whole roasted calf, baked salmon, grilled prawns, ice cream carts, balut and a fish ball stand! We even brought some old-time favorite snacks. Then there was also a trivia game, an amazing band, a Jollibee Chicken Joy eating contest game, Pop! Pez game and costume contest. We also did a Funko custom contest and also gave some awards to recognize some people in the local Funko Funatic community.

Besides the Christmas party, does the Philippines Funko community have other events every year?
Besides the Christmas Party, I also host Funatics Day Out (FDO), which happens like every two years. Next one is in May 2020. We also did a Funko trivia game night before, some charity events, swap/trading meets and many other events.

Is there anything you'd like to add?
We just want to extend our deepest gratitude to Funko, especially to Brian Mariotti and Mike Becker for always being there to support the Funko Funatic Philippines community. This is what makes Funko different from other companies, how they connect and take care of their fans.