Welcome the fizzing furballs, Soda Kats, and the artist behind the capsule collectible cats, Kenneth Tang! These kitty keepsakes are available online on Funko's website, at the Funko HQ and Hollywood stores, Amazon, and Game Stop locations across the United States.

Before being capsuled, the original Soda Kats were boxed and available in Hong Kong, where Kenneth resides. This new set of Soda Kats is Kenneth's first collaboration with Funko, and when asked about how he felt about the project and its final product he said, “I feel amazing when watching the Soda Kats video. It definitely shows what's in my mind and beyond. It's fun and cute. Animation is a great way to show different faces of Soda Kats.”

Funko asked where the inspiration for Soda Kats came from, and Kenneth said, “Cola soda and Cats are the 2 things that I love. In 2018, I adopted my first cat and he loves to wear [the] packaging of cola soda. It inspired me to create this Soda Kat character. Soda Kat is naughty but cute, playful and kind.” Though it may be hard for some to choose a favorite character, Kenneth said his favorite is, “the original flavor Soda Kats, Cola, because this is the taste that I'm addicted to.”

For Funatics that are not familiar with Kenneth's work, Funko asked what other projects the artist has worked on. “Besides creating Soda Kats, I also have my own brand, Black Seed Toys, which focuses on designer toys. These are mainly produced in limited quantities and a quite different style from Soda Kats. The collection I'm currently working [on] is named “Monster Weapon”. This collection focuses on [a] niche market, which is different from Soda Kats, and it's a new area for me to try. Gacha/Gashapon is a good way to meet and face the public, and let people understand my creativity,” Kenneth explained.

“I joined the design industry over 10 years ago, and started my own designs in 2013. The most amazing part of being an artist is involving and seeing the process of making 2D designs into 3D figures. I have many babies now, it's becoming a big family,” said Kenneth in response to being asked when he started designing Gashapon collectibles.

Kenneth closed the interview with a statement to fans, “I would like to thank fans who take photos and tag me on social media, [and those] sending me postcards from worldwide. I wish to get more postcards from lovely people who adopted my Soda Kats.”

What happens when the most iconic soda lines merge with sassy felines? Fantastic puns like Cat Pawchino and Meowntain Mew, for one thing. Adorable characters like Straw Purry and Dr. Purr Purr, for another.

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