Trek to Mount Olympus with us for this month’s My First Funko post. We’re reaching heroic heights with a special collectible that inspires one of our Funko employees. Ready to get started? Let’s go the distance now!

Kristen Nielsen, Logistic Coordinator

What is your first Funko collectible, and where do you display it?

Pop! Rides Hercules on Pegasus. He's on one of my many Disney shelves at home!

Pop! Rides Hercules on Pegasus, surrounded by other Disney's Hercules Pops!

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko collectible?

I got him as a welcome gift when I started working at Funko back in 2018! Hercules has been a favorite of mine since childhood. The movie has a colorful art style that stands out compared to most Disney animations, along with an epic soundtrack and a powerful story.

How does this collectible inspire your work?

Hercules starts out as a social outcast, then works hard to take what makes him different and turn it into something he can use to help people in need, all while keeping things lighthearted. His naturally positive attitude and determination have been a huge inspiration to me for years!

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