Pack an umbrella! We’re shining a bright light on a Pop! character that travels to “The Sunless Lands.” In this month’s “My First Funko” post, we’re catching up with a Funko employee whose first collectible is immortalized in an iconic DC comic book series. Let’s begin!

Name/Job Title at Funko:

Linda Castro, Data Analyst

What is your first Funko Pop! or collectible that you bought, and where do you keep it?

My first Funko Pop! was Death from The Sandman comics. I keep her with my collection, near my desk.

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is the series that brought me back to comics as an adult. I found so many other amazing comic books that thrilled, moved, and delighted me in a surprising way. Also, it helped me realize that I could let my nerd flag fly. When I saw the Pop! I was happy to have the opportunity to show off my fandom. When other people saw it and recognized Death, it gave me a sense of community.

What does this Pop! mean to you?

This Pop! came out before the Netflix series, so it helped me realize that we (at Funko) really have something for every fan. While the comic series has always had a strong following, it wasn't as popular as comic book icons like Iron Man, Superman, or Batman. This Pop! helped me realize that Funko really seems to have something for every sort of fan. 

Anything else you want to add or share?

My other first Funko collectibles (also my faves) were Squirrel Girl and each of the Golden Girls.

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