We’re over-the-moon-excited to bring you another My First Funko post! Today, a Funko employee and anime enthusiast will introduce us to the powerful star of her collection. Let’s power up and get started!

Name/Job Title at Funko:

Alexa Dimaano/Associate 3D Visualization Artist

What is your first Funko Pop! or collectible that you bought, and where do you keep it?

My first Pop! is my Sailor Venus Pop! I keep her at my desk in the office next to my Sailor Moon!

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

Contrary to popular belief, Sailor Venus is actually my favorite of the Sailor Senshi bunch! My mom got this for me as a gift from her best friend, whose son also works at Funko in Sales! Leo, if you’re seeing this, Tita Marlene is my mama! 

How does this Pop! or collectible inspire your work? 

Sailor Moon as a whole inspired me to get into drawing when I was younger. Sailor Venus, in particular, is my favorite because she is closest in personality to me, as well as Sailor Moon herself. The series really did a great job of showing that any regular girl can do extraordinary things

Anything else you want to add or share?

I already have a Sailor Moon tattoo, and I’m planning to get a Sailor Venus-inspired tattoo within the next year!

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