We're diving into a sea of “whozits and whatzits galore”— and we want more! Welcome to another My First Funko post, and this one's making a splash! In this post, a Funko employee and Disney enthusiast is sharing the tale of her first Funko collectible. Let's jump in!

Name/Job Title at Funko:

Grace Park, Event Coordinator

What is your first Funko collectible, and where do you keep it?

My first Funko Pop! is Ariel #27. She was a Christmas gift from my mom. I have her next to all my other The Little Mermaid collectibles! I collect all kinds of fan stuff. My main focus is Disney. I've got Jim Shore figures, Pops!, NuiMOs, limited-edition dolls, limited-edition Pop! Pins, and books.

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

I don't remember the moment when I got my first Funko. My favorite memory surrounding a Funko is when I got my Bad Batch™ Wrecker™ signed at Emerald City Comic-Con last year by the voice actor, Dee Bradley Baker! He was such a sweet guy. I was totally freaking out from excitement.

How does this collectible inspire your work?
Seeing my collection and how happy it makes me reminds me how much the fans love the Funko brand. My whole job is planning events for them. They are the focus, so knowing how much they enjoy and appreciate what we do for them keeps me going.

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