Steer clear of the sandworms! We’re kicking off a new My First Funko post. A qualified, leading bio-exorcist, who has entered the mortal world as a vinyl figure, is a cherished first Funko Pop! for one of our employees. Read on to find out how this Pop! Movies & TV figure serves as an inspiration. Ready to scare up some fun? Let’s go!

What is your name and job title at Funko?

Sarah Scherer, Manager of Packaging Design & Engineering and 3D Visualization.

What is your first Funko collectible, and where do you display it?

My very first Pop! was the original Beetlejuice we did back in 2013. It sits here in my office with me in Everett, along with all the other Beetlejuice products we've made over the years.

Sarah Scherer, in 2016, with her first three Pop! figures (Pops! Dr. Emmett Brown, Beetlejuice, and E.T.) right after she found out that she got a job with Funko. Fun fact: That E.T. figure was given to her in her interview!

Is there a special story/memory behind your first Funko collectible?

My husband bought it for me for my old, boring-looking office when I worked at a construction business in California. The entire team at that business thought it was really odd that I had "toys on my desk" and would always poke fun at me for that. I recall when I told my former boss that I had gotten a job with Funko, he said something like, "Well, now you can have even more toys on your desk!" If he only knew how many collectibles and toys are in my office now. 

How does this Funko Pop! help inspire your work?

There are so many ways I can answer this! I think the biggest thing for me, when I look at that particular item, is remembering when, as a child, my parents would take me to Universal Studios in Florida once a year. They had a Beetlejuice stage show that I was (and still am if we're being honest) completely obsessed with. I wanted so badly to do something in that business. At the time, I thought that "something" was dressing up like a monster and dancing, which didn't pan out. But now, looking back, here I am at Funko working with licensed product like Beetlejuice, getting to play a part in the life of someone who likes Beetlejuice as much as I do. Even if you play a small part in something like this, it's inspiring to know that someone like me could be out there looking at our line of product and saying, "Man, I want to be involved with this somehow." You never know what kind of dreams or career that could spark in someone. That's why my little Pop! Beetlejuice inspires me to give it my all as much as I can for my team and for our fans.

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