Poof! Spellbinding Pops! and memories abound with another My First Funko blog post. With the My First Funko blog series, you'll meet all kinds of Funko employees who share their love of Funko collectibles. We couldn't have predicted a more enchanting way to begin the month than with the collectible and story that follows. So, alohomora! Let's open the door and begin.

Name/Job Title at Funko:

Meridia Clark / Marketing Copywriter

What is your first Funko Pop! or collectible that you bought, and where do you keep it?

The first Pop! I acquired was Pop! Harry Potter with the Prophecy. Pop! Harry resides on my TV stand at home since he's a treasured gift.

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

I encountered my first Funko Pop! while studying abroad in England. I had never seen one or heard of the company before; although, when I returned home, a good friend of mine gave me Pop! Harry Potter as a welcome home/late Christmas gift. The Harry Potter books and movie series were a huge influence on my desire to pursue writing as my career and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is one of my favorites in the series. It was a thoughtful gift that ultimately helped fuel my interest in Funko. I had only just learned about Funko, so receiving one led me to think more about applying to work for the company.

How does this Pop! or collectible inspire your work?

This gift ultimately led me to my career—to where I am today. It's odd now to think about how what may seem like a small gift to one person, led me to pursuing my passion and building my career out of it. My experience with Funko has changed many aspects of my life, and to think in retrospect about how different things could have been without this gift to spark my interest is bizarre.

Is there anything else you want to add or share?

I met my friend, Elizabeth, while we were studying in England. She used to travel with Pop! Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, taking pictures as though she was traveling with the Mother of Dragons. This was my first encounter with a Funko Pop! or anything that I knew was made by Funko. Not only was it fun to help her take creative photos, but it also helped lead me to my career. Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope you have more great trips with Khaleesi planned!

Now, It's Your Turn:

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