Swing on by—the family web is growing! It's time for another My First Funko blog post, and our Spidey senses are tingling. Today, a Marvel favorite is scaling the heights of one of our employee's collections. Each month, you'll meet all kinds of Funko employees who share their love for Funko collectibles. Let's get started!

Name/Job Title at Funko:
Samia Faour/Public Relations Manager, Licensor Relations

What is your first Funko Pop! or collectible that you bought, and where do you keep it?

Some of the first Funko Pops! I was ever given was during my first or second week of working at Funko. I let my boss, Jessica Piha, know I was a huge Marvel fan and wanted the new Bucky Pop! Not only did she send me the Bucky Pop! from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but she also sent the entire collection from that series. I'd say that Bucky was my first Pop!, but the first Pop! I ever collected was my Spider-Man Pop! (black & gold suit). I mean, I went out of my way to order this one. Spider-Man has always been my favorite character in the Marvel universe. I owe it all to my childhood. I have my Pop! sitting on the left side of my desk under my large monitor.

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

Yes! When I was younger, my cousin would take my sister and me to see Marvel movies in theaters. This was the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when most people didn't know there were short clips after the credits—not one, but two clips at the end of every Marvel Movie. But my cousin sure did. Most of the time, we were the only ones left in the theater as soon as the credits started rolling. The last two clips were the best parts of the movie…. Well, maybe not, but they came quite close. My love for Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe reminds me of my childhood and brings back those memories. I loved going to the movies, sitting in those cushy seats with my legs propped on the chair in front of me. The butterflies that came with the excitement of a new movie, a Marvel movie. My Spider-Man Funko Pop! brings me more joy than I ever thought it could.

How does this Pop! or collectible inspire your work?

It brings me joy! Every time I look at my Spider-Man Pop! (baby Tom Holland) sitting on my desk, it somehow always manages to put a smile on my face.


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