We’ve waited on pins and needles for this month’s My First Funko post. Still puzzled? We won’t box the answer in any longer. Read on about a Funko employee whose first collectible is modeled after a bone-chillingly sharp-witted character. 

What is your job title at Funko?

Hilary Gray, Creative Director, Brand

My first job title at Funko was Marketing Manager. I was in charge of marketing for the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box. I also started recording and editing all unboxing videos.

What is your first Funko and where is it?

My first Funko Pop! was the first Hellraiser Pinhead Pop! we made. It’s on my desk at work!

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko collectible?

Yes! I got my first Funko Pop! before I started working at Funko. My husband and I were in my hometown at my favorite store, Vintage Stock. Vintage Stock is the kind of store that has used games, records, movies, posts, and collectibles. I spent a lot of my childhood at this store, and I wanted my husband to see it. We were looking around when he brought this Pop! over to me and just said, “I don’t know why, but we have to have this.”

Much, much later I was at Toy Fair New York and told this entire story to the Vintage Stock store managers. It felt full circle!

How does this Funko Pop! help inspire your work?

It reminds me of that first spark I had when we saw our first Funko Pop! and how hilarious it was to see a cute version of one of our favorite horror villains. It was also fun to see a product made of a film we both love.

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