Plant yourself in your favorite spot. We foresee a bewitching installment of the My First Funko series. Today, a Funko employee tells us about a captivating, spellbinding collectible linked to incredible storytelling powers. Gather your coven, and let’s get started.

What is your job title at Funko?

Ryann Funk, Digital Integrated Marketing Manager

What is your first Funko and where is it?

My first Pop! was a Hot Topic Exclusive of Cordelia Foxx with the garden shears from American Horror Story: Coven, which is the character played by Sarah Paulson. I’m very much an “out of the box” collector and love integrating the collectibles into my everyday home décor, so she lives on the TV stand next to my Norman Bates Pop! – another one of my early items.

Is there a special story/memory behind your first Funko?

In late November 2014, I was off school for a few days, so my dad and I decided to catch up on this hot show that everyone was talking about – American Horror Story. Now, I wasn’t the biggest horror fan at the time, but I am a child of, and the first three seasons of the show were all over my dashboard, so I had to check it out. To say we were hooked would be an understatement. By January, we had caught up on the first four seasons and were patiently awaiting the next season to air. This show solidified Sarah Paulson as not only one of my favorite actresses but also one of my favorite people. 

How does this Funko Pop! help inspire your work?

While Coven is not my personal favorite (it’s Asylum for anyone wondering), that season is truly integral to the American Horror Story universe, because it finds a way to be woven into the stories of the show way down the road. Which, in turn, is also an incredible marketing tactic because so many people have strong attachments to the early days that they will tune into the newer seasons just to see the revival of a beloved character. This same tactic applies to grabbing new audiences and creating something that makes them want to go back into the archives and get all the lore. Although I am not as avid of a watcher as I once was, American Horror Story, as a 2010s TV institution, is a masterclass in disruptive marketing, advertising, and storytelling.

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