Bring home a monster—or hero or cuddly creature—from Funko, and you'll want more. But you'll never forget your first. Colorful characters crawl, creep, fly, and breathe life into so many of our Funko fans' collections—and ours too! With this new My First Funko blog series, you'll meet all kinds of Funko employees who share their love of Funko collectibles. Today, I'm kicking things off with a monstrously memorable vinyl figure I hold dear. Let's jump in!

Name/Job Title:
Cecilia Kennedy, Copywriter

What is your first Funko Pop! or collectible, and where do you keep it?

I made a monster, and it lives on my bookshelf. It's my first Funko Pop! and certainly not my last.

Is there a special story or memory behind your first Funko?

When I visited Funko Headquarters in Everett, Washington in 2018, I ran to the clear containers and tubes of heads, arms, legs, and tails of the Pop! Factory section—and I couldn't tear myself away. At the time, there was an option to build a monster, so that's what I did.

The monster doesn't have a name, but it does have a giant pink lollipop, hair with horns, a green fishy tail, and a shiny silver mace. And, as far as monsters go, this one doesn't wreak much havoc. Instead, it makes me laugh, imagine, and want to create.

How does this Funko Pop! or collectible inspire your work?

As a copywriter, it's such a joy to tell the story of each of the fantastic things that Funko makes. Sometimes that story takes the shape of a description or a short blurb. Sometimes, it's a tagline or caption that hopefully resonates with fans who want to keep a special pop-culture moment close.

Now It's Your Turn:

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