A new selection of Funko Soda figures is coming, and you'll notice there is a new variant can for each one. These new versions of the Funko Soda collectible packaging show that the collectible was originally sold outside of the United States of America. Funatics overseas will be able to collect their favorite Funko Sodas which now feature special packaging design variations which add new flare to their collections. The figures themselves, and their chase variants, will still look the same no matter where they're sold. The US variants have a different quantity limit than the international variants. Check out Funko Soda Stan Lee for example. Below are images of what the regular figure and the gold metallic chase look like.

Then there are the regular and international versions of the collectible can packages look like. Notice that the international can variation has a Funko crown and globe icon on it as well, also calling out that it was originally purchased overseas and has a different piece count.

Click through to see the full lineup of the new Funko Sodas!

SODA Update:

SODA now comes in either Mainline, Specialty, and International variations. Mainline SODA collectibles are not piece count limited, enabling more fans to collect their favorite characters and licensed series. Mainline SODA figures also have chase variants. Each specialty series "flavor" is made in a limited "batch" (complete with a piece count number) and each have a 1 in 6 chance yielding a special chase variant. Some chase figures glow-in-the-dark or are metallic, while others are outfit or color scheme changes. International variants are recognizable due to their alternate packaging color scheme and their "International" sticker. Sold outside of the United States, Specialty series International variants have different piece counts than their counterparts sold within the United States. Occasionally a special 6-pack set comes along that includes a thermal lunchbox case!

For those who are interested in refreshing their collections, check out the vinyl figures available in the Funko Soda collection. We also love to see your enthusiasm and creative displays for your collections! Show us your collections by tagging @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with a picture of you with your collection with #FunkoFunatic.