Square off with the Toilet Ninjas from Funko's Paka Paka line and celebrate National Toilet Paper Day. These hilariously adorable characters are masters of the throne, and they're ready to leave their mark. Let's meet them now for some washroom wisdom.

Toilet Ninja To-Do List on National Toilet Paper Day:

1) Let nature take its course. Reeko believes in taking a deep breath and facing your fears, nose first. If something smells off, bring in some potted plants, remembering that they, too, grow from good soil.

2) Find your inner fountain. For John, knowledge is the key to making a splash in this world. Every word, every thought, is an escape.

3) Check the pipes. Things may be hard, but Grunt just knows they always come out in the end.

4) Crack open a window. Loo's philosophy is, “I stink, therefore I am.” In lieu of deodorizing the room from a can, let in some fresh air.

5) Finish the paperwork. For TP, nothing is over until the paperwork is done. On National Toilet Paper Day, invest in good paper—and just make it work.

6) Go with the flow. To unclog the mind, WC suggests meditation, and perhaps toilet paper origami.

7) Keep a plunger nearby. Latrine wants to remind you to take the plunge and flush away all your doubts.

Don't let National Toilet Paper Day go to waste!

Let go and collect these daring ninjas before they're wiped out.

Let us know which Toilet Ninja you've collected to help you with your National Toilet Paper to-do list. Don't forget to tag @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter, along with #PakaPaka.