Grab a flashlight—and a few brave souls—to celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day™ on September 24. Gear up for spooky season with hauntingly fun collectibles and meet one of our employees, a ghost hunter, who gets into the spirit of this day, which combines a recognition of the history and preservation of historical landmarks with the craft of ghost hunting. Let's start our tour and let the ghoul times roll!

First, meet Taylor Zirians, PR Specialist at Funko, who enjoys ghost hunting and paranormal investigation as a hobby!

Do you have a favorite ghost collectible from Funko?

I really love the POP! Ouija Board Planchette! I collect Ouija boards, but I don't play with them. They are just for show. If not used properly, they can be dangerous.

How long have you been investigating locations for paranormal activity?

I have been investigating for almost 3 years now!

How did you get started in this activity?

My best friend and I started to go on hikes and find abandoned buildings. We started at Northern State and then got our first piece of evidence in a tunnel. After that, we started looking for places and found a company that you can pay to do overnight investigations at old historic buildings.

What places have you investigated?

Northern State Washington, Montana State Prison, Colorado Abbey Monastery, Idaho Tuberculosis Hospital, Saint Ignatius in Colfax Washington.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have a bunch of equipment:
EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter, Recorder, Rem POD, Laser Grid, Phasma Box, Spirit Box, Light Up Motion Balls.

What are your favorite pieces of gear?

Phasma Box: It is a software program developed by paranormal investigators you can download on a Microsoft tablet. I have a tablet for it that I put in airplane mode after I download it. It's just like a spirit box. You can hear different voices come through clearly without the white noise. I have had bells come through many times—or music.

The laser light is also one of my favorite items to use. It's so simple, and you can turn the top to change the pattern of light you have illuminating the room. It's always best to use the light in pure darkness and put it in a corner of the room. Usually in investigating, you will often see mist or fog at times. The laser light can also help you see motion through the laser light, and you can often see areas the light will dim like a shadow of someone walking through. I once used it in a monastery chapel and saw mist moving through the laser lights three separate times.

What are some myths associated with ghost hunters/paranormal investigators?

The myth that provoking spirits, like they show on TV, is a way of getting activity. I worked for a company that was always respectful to the spirits at any location we went to. It's their home, and we are visiting. Something I have learned is that the best activity is always when the energy is high. I have gotten some of my best moments laughing in a group. The energy of each group, I have realized, is always so different and unique.

What is something you have to be aware of when investigating a location for paranormal activity?

Usually, you're going to an old building. If you can, it is always nice to see the building in the daytime and make sure you will be safe at night. It's important to close off areas that are unsafe and make notes. ALWAYS bring a flashlight.

What would be the ideal way to celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day?

To go and investigate, of course! Choose your favorite place or pick a new location! Spooked in Seattle is a great place for fellow Washingtonians.

What has been your "stand-out experience" so far?

I was investigating at Montana State Prison and volunteered to be locked in a cell in Max Prison. They put me in the far back cell. Mind you, these cells did not close all the way. You could see the light through the crack and the barred windows. Once the lights went off, it was pitch black. I am afraid of the dark, yet I felt calm in the cell. I could see a faint light through the window. At one point, it looked like shadows of people running down the hallway. Before I knew it, 15 minutes passed, and I heard echoes through the hallway, saying that we could leave the cells. I turned on my light and went to leave. My door would not open. I ran and pushed—and nothing. Someone, who was in the cell next to me, asked if I needed help. He proceeded to pull as I pushed, but nothing happened. Another gentleman decided to yell down for help. Suddenly, we heard the creak of the cell open. Both of us were shocked. I was looking at the man through the window trying to help me, and we were both surprised because no one was touching the door at that time. I quickly opened the door and rushed to the exit.

What would you do if you found any friendly ghosts at Funko?

I would welcome them. Funko is their home now!


Headed Out the Door for a Happy Haunt?

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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That's the Spirit!

With so many ways to celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day, we're hoping that you'll find something that grabs you. Don't forget to share the Funko collectible that raises your spirits by tagging @OriginalFunko on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter along with #NationalGhostHuntingDay.