If you entered the lottery to access the Funko booth at ECCC, e-mails are now going out!

If you didn't get in, don't despair - the Funko booth will open to the public each day AFTER the ticketed sessions (approximately 2:00 PM Fri-Sat-Sun) if there is remaining inventory available.

Details on shared exclusives will also be posted soon!

Check out all our exclusives here!

In addition, here are some other Funko events you can look forward to at ECCC!

Friday at 5:00pm (Funko Booth)
Funko Artists Signing!
Amos Maldonado
Shanna Duncan
Mike Martin

Saturday at 3:00pm (Funko Booth)
Funko Artists Sketching!
Eddie Irizarry
Greg Ham
Nnenna Ijiomah
Sean Wilkinson
Shanna Duncan

Saturday at 5:15pm (WSCC 611)
Funko Panel!

This year Funko's panel discussion will focus on The Latest & Greatest From Funko!

Make sure to add this to your calendar: this event is a must for any Funko collector!

We look forward to seeing you all at ECCC!