If a group of crows is called a murder of crows and multiple tigers is an ambush of tigers, what does one call a collective of superheroes? And if a group of hippos is a bloat of hippos and multiple finches is a charm of finches, how should we refer to a group of Weasleys?

Allow us to propose 50 pop culture-inspired collective nouns that will surely work their way into the cultural lexicon and feel free to reach out and propose your own pop culture collective nouns for the collection:

A charm of Amélies

A respect of Aretha Franklins

A brooding of Batmans

A library of Belles

A lemonade of Beyonces

An assimilation of borg

A disappointment of boy bands

A slay of Buffys

A tribble of Captain Kirks

A grin of Cheshire cats

A fist of Chuck Norrises

A ph'nglui mglw'nafh of Cthulhus

An arcane of David Lynches

An ew of Davids

An Eggo of Elevens

A blizzard of Elsas

A strut of Freddy Mercurys

A riddle of Gandalfs

A pistol of Hamiltons

A cleverness of Hermiones

An elevenses of hobbits

A revenge of Inigo Montoyas

An incest of Lannisters

A busyness of Leslie Knopes

A nargle of Lunas

A smugness of Malfoys

A pixel of Marios

A steamboat of Mickeys

A conspiracy of Mulders

A balloon of Pennywises

A disloyalty of Peter Pettigrews

A spinach of Popeyes

A tangle of Rapunzels

A jazz flute of Ron Burgundys

A snack of Scoobys

An apathy of Scott Pilgrims

A grand slam of Serena Williams

A logic of Spocks

An excelsior of Stan Lees

A joy of Starfires

A red beanie of Steve Zissous

An ego of superheroes

A hammer of Thors

A TARDIS of Time Lords

A never nude of Tobias Funkes

A sweater of Weasleys

A scarf of Wes Andersons

A lasso of Wonder Womans

A roundup of Woodys