Greetings Funatics! With the addition of Pop! People, you can now become a Funko Pop! vinyl figure and stand among your collections. Pop! People is a permanent expansion of our retail locations and we are working on expanding this experience. Here are some answers to common questions we get about Pop! People.

General Questions

“Does Funko make customized Pop! figures?”

Yes! Pop! People allows you to create your own figure using a variety of heads, hair styles and colors, outfits, and accessories that come together to build your Pop! We even package it for you in a personalized Pop! box.

“When does the Pop! People pop-up end?”

Pop! People is not a pop-up shop; it's a permanent offering at our two brick-and-mortar retail stores.

“Can I order online, via email or phone and have it shipped?”

No. We are working on expanding Pop! People to be available for online ordering but this option is not currently available. Neither of our brick-and-mortar retail locations take orders or payment over the phone, or ship orders from the retail stores.

“I made my Pop! avatar online; can you make that into a Pop! figure?”

No. The online Pop! avatar design feature on our website is not the same thing as Pop! People. Not all of the options are the same between the two experiences, though we are working to expand the selection of pieces and add an online ordering option in the future.

“Can I build my figure myself?”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are not able to physically create their own Pops! by hand. Both Funko retail locations are running at reduced capacities, and Pop! People orders are assembled and boxed by Funko staff members. Funko's retail stores are adhering to, and strictly enforcing, additional safety protocol in order to ensure the health and safety of the Funatics and Funko staff members.

"What is the processing time? Do we leave with our Pops! that same day?"

Build times vary depending on the location and the volume of orders, but Pop! People orders are generally ready in 10-20 minutes. Funatics will walk away with their Pop! People creations that same day.

"Can we make a reservation?"

No. Pop! People orders can only be made in-person, in-store and we do not take reservations. We do not accept orders via email, phone, or online. Our retail stores do not take reservations for Pop! People.

Location Specific Questions

"What time should I get there?"

Lines and wait times can be unpredictable but our retail staff work hard to make sure orders are processed quickly. If you're visiting Funko HQ in Everett, we recommend that you arrive at the store at least two hours before closing time, just to make sure that if there's a line you'll have time to select your piece options and have it built before closing. If you're visiting Funko Hollywood, we recommend that you arrive in the morning, since that location's waitlist is usually full by 1pm every day. Funko Hollywood does not take Pop! People orders after 5pm; one hour before close the next 4 orders on the list are called then all other orders on the waitlist for that day are cancelled.

Funko HQ in Everett, WA is open from 11am to 6pm Wednesday through Sunday.
Funko Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA is open from 12pm to 6pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

"How much does it cost to make a Pop! People figure?"

Each customized Pop! People figure costs $25. This also includes the two hand-held accessories you select for your figure, and the customized Pop! box.

"How many can we make a day?"

Each Funatic may purchase up to three custom Pop! People figures per day.

"What is the wait time and line situation? Is there a separate line or do we join the regular line?"

The wait time varies depending on the location, day, and time. Please note that both stores are open at reduced capacities and have additional health measures in place, and enforced, in order to provide a safe shopping experience for Funatics and Funko staff members. Queuing for Pop! People is different between the two locations, please read the location specific protocol listed below.

Funko HQ, in Everett: Pop! People queuing process is as follows:

  • Funatics wanting to build a custom Pop! People figure at the Funko HQ store, start by browsing and choosing their Pop! People pieces at the kiosks stationed outside, to the left of HQ's entryway. The kiosks provide forms for recording which pieces Funatics want to customize their figures with.
  • Once Funatics have finished selecting their pieces using the provided order forms, they are to wait in the Pop! People line to the left of the HQ store entrance. The Pop! People line is separate from the general store entry line.
  • A Funko staff member will escort small groups of Funatics into the store and to the Factory section so that they can submit their order forms.
  • Funko staff will build the custom figures using the pieces selected on the order form.
  • Funatics purchase their custom figures with the Factory cashier and can observe their orders getting pieced together.
  • Funatics must wait within the Factory section of the store as their custom Pop! People order is pieced together and boxed up.
  • Once Funatics have picked up their custom order, they are escorted back out of the store and may join the general store entry line if they would like to shop the rest of the HQ store's offerings.

Funko Hollywood: Pop! People queuing process is as follows:

  • Funatics join the store entry line.
  • One hour prior to the store opening Funko Hollywood staff begin taking Pop! People orders so that by the time the store is open at noon, some Pop! People orders are ready for pickup.
  • A Funko staff member goes down the line and checks you into the digital virtual waitlist.
  • Funatics can continue to stay in the line if they want to go into the store, otherwise they can remain outside while waiting for their turn to create their custom Pop! People figure.
  • When Hollywood's primary line fills to capacity the staff stop taking names. There is a standby list that Funatics can sign up for. While there is no guarantee they will be called, there are occasionally cancelations or no-shows.
  • When they are next in line, Funatics will receive a text message notifying them that it's their turn to place their order.
  • Funatics fill out their Pop! People customization form, using the display kiosks to make their selections. There is a strict limit of three Pops! per person and each custom figure costs $25.
  • Funatics pay for their order with the outdoor cashiers.
  • Our team of builders put together the Pops! using the pieces the Funatics have selected.
  • The completed Pop! People orders are picked-up at our front window.

Please note that due to the number of customers showing up to order Pop! People, Funko Hollywood will, at times, close the virtual waitlist as early as 45 minutes to an hour after store opening. Any orders that are on the waitlist and cannot be taken after 5pm are cancelled.

We look forward to seeing photos of your fantastic Pop! People creations. You can tag @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with a picture of you with your Pop! People.