It’s time to freshen things up! With our new website rolling out, loaded with new features, we’re proud to launch our new loyalty program! That’s right! Funko Fan Club is closing and everyone who wants to benefit from earning points on purchases and getting prizes will need to sign up for the new Funko Fan Rewards.  

If I’m currently a Funko Fan Club member, will my account transfer to Fan Rewards? 

Funko Fan Club accounts will NOT be migrated to Fan Rewards accounts. Anyone who wants to partake in the Fan Rewards program must sign up for it. The new program offers more benefits starting with collecting points on purchases that can be redeemed for a multitude of prizes including extra special ones such as signed collectibles!

What are some of the rewards offered and will more come later? 

We want to keep the rewards fresh, exciting, and fun for all our fans. As the program grows, we will continue to add new activities, rewards, and even more brands that are powered by Funko.  

As of right now Funatics can stash points to redeem for any of the following prize types: 

  • Discounts on future purchases. 
  • Donate towards one of the various charities and non-profits we partner with. 
  • Use your points to enter yourself into variety of sweepstakes for the opportunity to win even larger experiences, prizes, and more.  
  • Earn virtual, stickers, badges, digital stickers, and background images for your mobile devices and social media pages. 
  • Get special Funko or Loungefly merchandise. 
  • Stock up to cash in for experiences like a shoutout on FunTV or an invite to an exclusive event. 

How do I sign up for Fan Rewards? 

There are two options for signing up and both require you to use the exact same email that you used when creating your Funko or Loungefly account: 

First, go to the Funko homepage. You must be signed into your Funko account, at which point you’ll see “LOYALTY” linked in the top right corner, above your Funko account avatar. If you have not signed up for a Fan Rewards account, clicking this will direct you to the loyalty Fan Rewards landing page. This Fan Rewards page will go over all of the benefits and some of the reward options (more will come later too) and you’ll be able to fill out the sign-up form and start racking up points! 

If you have already signed up, clicking the “LOYALTY” hyperlink will direct you to the loyalty homepage. 

Second, open your Funko account dashboard. Within your account dashboard you’ll find a widget for Fan Rewards. In the event you haven’t signed up for an account, the Fan Rewards page will read “JOIN NOW”. Once clicked, this will direct you to the program overview and allow you to sign up. 

The widget will display Fan Rewards account information, including name and number of points, if you’ve already signed up for a loyalty account.  

Should I use the same email I used for my Funko account to sign up for Fan Rewards? 

Yes! In order to earn points for purchases on Funko and Loungefly purchases, you must use the same email address you used when creating your account on and This will allow for the Fan Rewards account to be linked to award points for purchases with us. 

Will the loyalty program include Loungefly? 

Yes! Fan Rewards includes Loungefly! Collectors and fans can earn points on both Funko and Loungefly products when shopping with us on either or You’ll be able to see all reward options and use your points to redeem both Funko and Loungefly prizes, merchandise, and even enter sweepstakes! 

Are you as excited as we are? Tune back in to get more updates!