We recently announced the Olivia Moore Pop! as a SDCC 2016
exclusive, and we are so thrilled to add iZombie to the Pop! family!

We thought it would be fun to show you the step-by-step
process of how this Pop! was created!

Stage 1: Concept Art

This concept art is then submitted to the licensor
for review! Liv was designed by Greg Ham.

Stage 2: 3D Sculpts

After the concept art is approved, the figure is digitally
sculpted! This Pop! was sculpted by Darcy Harlan.

Stage 3: Sculpt turns

The Project Manager then submits sculpt turns to the licensor for review.

Stage 4: Output final sizing images

Stage 5: Color callouts

These two steps are done simultaneously. The output final sizing images and color callouts (typically done by the concept artist) are both then sent to the factory.

Stage 6: Paint sample created at the factory

The factory creates a paint sample and takes photos
of the painted figure, which are then submitted to the
licensor for approval once the concept artist is happy with the paints.

Stage 7: "Bling" image is created

The concept image is "blinged" for the packaging. This
step is also typically performed by the concept artist.

Stage 8: Packaging design

The packaging is then designed for the specific Pop! that is being created.

Stage 9: Glam

Here we have the final image that is shared with the
world when the announcement is made!

Knowing that the concept artist Greg Ham is a big iZombie fan, we asked him what it was like to be tasked with the job of designing this Olivia Moore Pop!

"As a huge fan of the iZombie television show, it was VERY exciting to hear that we had secured the license to create Pop!s for the series," said Greg. "What I love about working on Funko's Art Team is that we are almost always assigned projects based on what we are interested in so that we put our passion for the property into our work. I really think that passion is reflected in the final product. I truly hope iZombie fans are as excited and pleased with the Olivia Moore POP as I am."

Find this Pop! at SDCC this year - and keep an eye out for more from iZombie soon!