We're fast approaching the most wonderful time of year—that season of chestnuts roasting on open fires, sleigh rides, the tantalizing aroma of cookies and pies baking to perfection. The holiday season is brimming with delights, but on occasion those delights mingle with stressful questions like, “What do I buy my father-in-law who won't stop talking about the Avengers?” or “What do I buy my Home Alone-obsessed niece who likes to throw paint cans at my head when I'm prepping the turkey in the kitchen?”

At Funko we believe that the holidays—whichever you choose to celebrate—should be stress-free and filled with as many sugar cookies as possible. So over the next month and a half, we're going to supply you with some ideas for the difficult-to-shop-for people on your holiday list starting this week with the Marvel-lovin' father-in-law and niece that doesn't have the good sense to refrain from throwing paint cans in a room filled with sharp objects and stressed relatives.

If any of these pop-tastic Target items happen to jingle your bells, you can add them to your sleigh here.

There's a good chance there are multiple Marvel fans on your shopping list in addition to your father-in-law who won't stop quoting Avengers: Infinity War which means you're going to need a healthy assortment of Avengers, guardians and sassy mercs to keep everyone happy. Fortunately, the Hulk's been rage-wrapping presents, Deadpool's been doing unspeakable things with a pair of candy canes, Spider-Man found himself an ugly holiday sweater and Groot's standing in for the holiday tree this year. With a price tag of $8.99, you might want to pick up a holiday Hulk for your collection as well.

For the traditionalist on your list who just loves Christmas so much they feel compelled to sing aloud for all to hear, there's an elf who would be happy to make some snow angels, go ice skating, eat a roll of cookie dough and snuggle with your friend. Better still, this Buddy the Elf Pocket Pop! comes with a box of cereal that would pair beautifully with Buddy's bottle of maple syrup. Costs $7.99.

For the family member who can't resist a dare—no matter how foolish—this A Christmas Story-inspired shirt is a rare opportunity to laud their courage, daring and foolishness. Costs $14.99.

We all know fans of a galaxy far, far away can never get enough of their favorite fandom. What happens when Star Wars and the holidays collide? Epic presents, that's what. Darth Vader swapped out his beloved light saber for a festive candy cane, Yoda's taking over for Santa, Chewie needs some assistance with the lights, C-3PO is taking a break from fretting to get jolly and R2-D2 is joining Rudolph at the front of the sleigh this year. Cost $8.99.

Then there's that niece who was a little too inspired by Kevin McAllister's precocious and highly violent traps for the Wet Bandits. Hide the paint cans, ornaments, blowtorches and bb guns and get your niece a pair of socks inspired by Kevin's cheese pizza binge. Better still, get your niece the socks and a Kevin Pop! with a beanie box. Even better still, get the socks and the Pop! with the beanie box as well as a fleece throw depicting Kevin's plans to defend his beloved house. Costs $6 for the socks, $24.99 for the Pop! and beanie box and $19.99 for the fleece throw.

Since you're going to be shopping at Target, you might as well pick up your very own Target Lady. Sure, she's annoying and not the most efficient checker and wears an unflattering bowl cut not seen since Stranger Things' Will Byers and yeah, she's kind of weird. But surely there's someone a little weird on your list who would appreciate the companionship.

Till your next list of holiday shopping ideas, stay merry and stay on Santa's good list.