When life hands you something super awesome like a ridiculously amazing new television series (I'm lookin' at you, Wellington Paranormal) or a Galactic scavenger hooded cape, all you can do is yell “Shut up and take my money!” While making grabby hands, if possible.

This is the place for all that unbridled awesomeness, for squees of joy and delight. This is a curated but not themed collection of things we're excited about from television shows to food to video games and everything in between. Some of the suggestions come from Funkast episodes, while others simply materialize out of the ether. Either way, just shut up and take our money!

Beaver tails

In light of the Funkast team's forthcoming visit to Toronto for Fan Expo, the subject of beaver tails has had everyone salivating. For the uninitiated, think of beaver tales as the Canadian doughnut. The treat is made by deep frying a long stretch of whole wheat dough shaped like a beaver's tail and adding toppings, the most popular of which is simply cinnamon sugar. Other potential toppings include Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate, Reese's Pieces, ham and cheese, lobster tails and salmon, cream cheese and capers.

Ketchup chips

Yet another nod to the Funkast's team's future Canadian adventures, ketchup chips are, by all accounts, THE Canadian snack food. According to ketchup chip experts, the chips don't actually taste like ketchup. In “What Canadians understand about ketchup chips that Americans don't” Chris Nuttall-Smith wrote, “They taste like ketchup's component parts, without the wet. You get the slap of vinegar and citric acid, the sweet, synapse-twerking pull of cooked tomatoes and sugar, the crunch of deep-fried potato starch, and all the lip-sticking salt of a Dead Sea skinny dip. Which is to say they're snack-time solid gold. Most good Canadians can eat a quarter-kilogram bag in a go.” And while Americans might have a hard time finding the chips in stores, Amazon does sell Lay's Ketchup Chips, but they will set you back a pretty loonie.

Velociraptor grabby hand

This comes courtesy of the Funkast Episode 72, “One Banana to Rule Them All” and there's no limit to the potential uses for such a tool. Back scratcher, pet entertainment, reaching for stuff just beyond your reach? And doing it all with dinosaur style is priceless.

Fallout 76

Multiplayer, monsters galore, varied landscapes, character mutations and free updates? Shut up and take all of my money … in November.


We all secretly want to be unicorns, and this vegan conditioner brings us one step closer to unicorn magic. With just about every color of the rainbow from pleasing pastels to vibrant hues, and the promise that you can take hot showers without your color fading, this is pretty much the most obvious case of shut up and take my money ever. Ramona Flowers hair, here I come.

Wreck-It-Ralph 2

Ralph and Vanellope are back and they're boldly going to a place where terrifying and wondrous things happen: the internet. If the first Wreck-It-Ralph is anything to judge by, it's going to be the most adorable movie with endless pop culture references and the fact that we have to wait until Thanksgiving for movie theaters to shut up and take my money saddens me.

Vans X Marvel

Who doesn't love a good mashup? When two titans of culture collaborate to produce a line of shoes, clothing and accessories you buy it all and thank the gods of capitalism for the opportunity. Given that Vans is best known for its shoes, if you have to choose, the Vans X Marvel Old Skool are absolutely fantastic and the black and white pattern on the Vans X Marvel Authentic is unexpectedly elegant. Because your feet deserve to look and feel good.

Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Apparently the month of November is going to be amazing, what with Fallout 76, Wreck-It-Ralph 2 and now Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! These games developed by Game Freak are specifically targeted to newcomers to the world of Pokemon. Explore the Kanto region and collect monsters by tossing Poke Balls at them before battling other trainers.

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