With less than one month until winter officially commences, it's time to begin the hibernation process. Throw on your comfiest clothes, burrow into a nest of blankets and bask in the comforting knowledge that everything you need to be entertained is in this November Edition of Shut Up and Take My Money.

Alto's Odyssey

The sequel to the stunningly beautiful mobile gaming classic Alto's Adventure, Alto's Odysseymanages to expand on the original in fresh ways that matter to the gameplay experience (both from a mechanical and graphical perspective) without compromising the things that made the first one great.” If you've ever dreamed of skiing through exquisite desert landscapes, dream no more.

Creeped Out

This show available on Netflix is a 13-part anthology that Den of Geek! called "unmissable." The show kicked off as a British-Canadian television series originally aired on CBBC in the United Kingdom and Canada in October 2017. An unidentified and mysterious figure known as The Curious collects creepy stories that should appeal to fans of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror and Goosebumps.

Don't Starve

Imagine that you're an intrepid gentleman scientist named Wilson who has been kidnapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. You have no instructions or help as you attempt to survive in this unknown and unwelcoming world. Keeping Wilson healthy, well fed and mentally stable in this open world survival game isn't going to be easy but GamesRadar reviewer Giancarlo Saldana said, “Making it through even just your first couple of days can be difficult, but the game rewards curiosity and creates an experimental environment where you'll often die a few times learning how things work. Not only are you teaching yourself how to play, but you're doing it without anyone's help—and that is a good thing.”


Based on the fictional psychological thriller podcast of the same name, Amazon Studios' Homecoming debuted on November 2 and Film School Rejects called it “one of the best TV shows of the year.” Reviewer Farah Cheded said, “Utterly compelling and very, very bingeable, Homecoming feels like the product of putting Alfred Hitchcock and Serpico in a blender: it's a breathtaking, high-wire suspense story that invokes modern anxieties about justice and corruption, both on a personal and institutional level.”


This is how Netflix sums up one of its newest original television series: “Two struggling strangers connect during a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial involving a doctor with mother issues and an emotionally complex computer.” Vulture reviewer Jen Chaney called Maniac “wild, audacious, addictive” and said the 10-episode series was “exhilarating to watch and a lot to process.”

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

At long last the women of the Star Wars franchise are getting the respect and acknowledgement they deserve. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is an illustrated book with profiles of 75 female characters from across film, fiction, comics, animation and games. Author Amy Ratcliffe had this to say about her goal for the book, “With Women of the Galaxy, I want to celebrate female characters across the galaxy—from the ones fans know incredibly well, like Leia and Padmé, to lesser known women like Vi Moradi or Aurra Sing. The characters in the book have a range of alignments, professions, and traits, and they all offer so much to the universe. Every one of them is important. I think of the entries as being part celebration and part bio, with background information about the character, behind the scenes facts, and key moments that resonated with me.” Available on Amazon for $19.46.


Here's what the iTunes description has to say about Nike's new podcast that debuted July 18: “Through years of research and working with the best athlete's—Nike has learned greatness isn't born, it's trained. This podcast explores the cutting-edge of holistic fitness to help make you a better trainer and athlete. Listen to conversations with industry experts and discover the latest innovations, insights, and trends making the biggest impact on the training world.”