As summer begins to wind down, children return to school, pumpkins materialize seemingly out of thin air and television programming gets good again, there's no shortage of things to buy, watch and wear. If summer belongs to the children, autumn is a cussing good time to be a pop culture enthusiast. So grab your wallet, toss back a pumpkin-flavored coffee and get ready to yell “shut up and take my money” as loud as you can:

The Curse of Oak Island

Who among us has not fantasized about discovering a long-lost treasure, preferably of the pirate variety? The History Channel show follows Rick and Marty Lagina as they attempt to solve a very real 200-year-old mystery. According to the show's site, “Oak Island, a small wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, is said to be the hiding place of a mysterious buried treasure. An ominous legend says that seven people must die in pursuit of the treasure before Oak Island will reveal her secrets. So far, the body count stands at six.” Who could resist that?

Be the Cowboy

Japanese-American indie rock musician Mitski dropped its fifth studio album, titled Be the Cowboy, on August 17. Vulture called the album “devastatingly good,” stating “Be the Cowboy traverses the peaks and valleys of coupling, from new love to longtime companionship to breaking up.” Pitchfork called the album Mitski's “greatest to date.” Assistant editor Quinn Moreland writes, “Be the Cowboy delves into that harrowing moment in the vanity mirror when you realize what others see does not match your reflection.” Funkaster Cameron Deuel said the album's “really beautiful and it's just been really destroying me lately.”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

This teen romance movie dropped on Netflix on August 17 and quickly racked up positive reviews with a 7.8/10 rating on IMDB, 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and 99% approval of Google users. Slash Film called To All the Boys I've Loved Before “the new gold standard for teen rom-coms,” applauding its ability to marry everything you love about John Hughes films with a modern aesthetic. “Rom-coms aren't exactly known for their unpredictability, but in a time where the real world is maddeningly (and frighteningly) unpredictable, To All the Boys I've Loved Before gives us exactly what we need: a reason to swoon over an age-old trope that'll go exactly as we expect it to.” The fact that the heroine is an Asian-American teenager and the movie was released the same weekend as Crazy Rich Asians strikes an essential blow for equal representation in film as well.

Converse X Hello Kitty Collection

Everybody's talking about the Converse/Hello Kitty mashup that's taking the fashion world by storm. Kitty puns aside, we're pawsitive this collection, which includes a wide selection of high tops and low tops in adult and children's sizes, t-shirts, hoodies and bags will be a major hit. Given that Hello Kitty is third highest-grossing franchise of all-time and Converse is the lifestyle footwear brand, expect to see a lot of people sporting Hello Kitty shoes and swag.

Vampire: The Masquerade Makeup Collection

Belladonna's Cupboard is a cosmetics company that embraces a goth aesthetic, inclusive approach to community and cruelty free products. In a major win for goths and generally cool people everywhere, they've released a new line inspired by the gothic-punk roleplaying game, Vampire: The Masquerade. The partnership with White Wolf Publishing has resulted in an eyeshadow book that showcases the game's three sects and liquid lipsticks drawn from the seven core vampire clans (Ventrue Clan, Gangrel Clan, Trmere Clan, Toreador Clan, Nosferatu Clan, Malkavian Clan and Brujah Clan). The collection doesn't ship until October but Belladonna's Cupboard is taking preorders.

Feeling nostalgic for the ‘90s? ASOS is celebrating America's longest-running sitcom with a streetwear line that boasts everything from a Bart Simpson swimsuit to cloud pants ripped straight out of The Simpsons' intro. The collection is, unsurprisingly, visually bright with sweaters, bikinis, tote bags and even socks featuring Bart Simpson. Bustle called the collection “every ‘90s kid's dream” and the fact that the collection encompasses womenswear, menswear and plus sizes just makes the line all the sweeter.

Sleep Tight

Every parent tells their kid the monsters aren't real. Obviously, they're wrong because the 12 unlockable characters in Nintendo Switch's Sleep Tight spend their days preparing for attack by building the largest pillow fort possible and their evenings battling monsters. Rearrange furniture like Kevin McAllister on a major sugar rush and fire nerf guns like an Overwatch pro to defeat monsters that look an awful lot like the creatures from Monsters, Inc. Entertainment Weekly said, “The result is a fun, quite addictive concept that looks and feels like if the Monsters, Inc. expanded universe were placed in the context of a kid-friendly arcade-style brawl.”

Hard Knocks

Can't get enough football? Or maybe you don't care about the game but enjoy the stories about what happens behind the scenes? Either way, HBO's Hard Knocks documentary series captures the personal and professional lives of players, coaches and staff of a different NFL team each season. The series launched with the Baltimore Ravens in 2001 and the current season features the Cleveland Browns.

My Little Pony Retro Scented Rainbow Collection

My Little Pony's turning 35 and to celebrate Hasbro recreated the six original ponies—Sunlight, Starshine, Windy, Parasol, Skydancer and Moonstone, all of them with hair so shiny that even Rachel from Friends would be jealous. It goes without saying that each pony comes with a comb so you should expect to commit a minimum of an hour each day to combing your pony's rainbow-colored hair. Collect the full string.