The Avatar has been missing for quite some time, but now Avatar Aang emerges again to help you bring balance to your collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender! Soon the whole collection will be available. In the mainline there's Pop! Aang (Avatar State), Pop! Admiral Zhao, Pop! Fire Lord Ozai, Pop! Suki in her Kyoshi Warrior armor, and Pop! Ty Lee.

Pop! Aang crouching is a Funko exclusive.

Metallic Pop! Aang is a Funko Hollywood exclusive.

Pop! The Blue Spirit is a Hot Topic exclusive, and there's a glow in the dark chase variant.

Glow in the dark Pop! Admiral Zhao is an Amazon exclusive.

Glow in the dark, Pop! Super Aang (Avatar State) is a Target exclusive.

Pop! Mai is a Books A Million exclusive.

Keep an eye out for these upcoming figures! For those who are interested in adding to their Funko Avatar: The Last Airbender collection as well, click through to check out Funko's current selection. Show us your favorites and ATLA collection on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @OriginalFunko along with #FunkoFunatic.