National Picnic Day is here, and the Munchies can't wait to celebrate!

In case you haven't met the Munchies, we'd like to introduce you to these lounging animals, munching and crunching on their favorite foods. We've asked them to list off their favorite snacks to give Funatics ideas for what to take with them on their picnics.


Gunther the seal likes delicious dessert cake. He eats it up just as soon as it's on the plate.


Farley the tubby tiger loves a fresh pizza slice. Extra cheese and pepperoni make it twice as nice.


Candy the panda likes sweet lollipops. She prefers to pack pink and yellow swirls, strawberry and lime twirls, and all the sweets she can find in a candy shop!

Ice Cream

Gordy the pug sure likes a lick of sweet ice cream; he likes it better than any kibble it seems. He'll have one scoop or two, any flavor will do.

Chips and Soda

Jo Jo suggests a salty and sweet mix. As he snacks on salty chips, and has a dry mouth and lips, he drinks from his special soda sipping hat.


Ralph is a roly-poly, snackin' racoon who likes to eat a sandwich right around noon. But before it's time for dessert, another sandwich wouldn't hurt. As he eats, he thinks, “Who needs a fork or a spoon‽”


Cookie the cat enjoys fresh baked treats and will eat any kind of cookie she meets. Oatmeal or chocolate chip; they're much better than cat nip.


Doughnuts are Ollie the penguin's favorite food; they put him in a real serious snacking mood. In Ollie's opinion icing is better than ice fishing!

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