Welcome, travelers! Come and explore the details of Funko's Paka Paka collection, featuring a variety of fun and unique capsule collectibles.

Our next stop takes us to the island country of Japan. Pack your bags as we visit some of the memorable residents and landmarks from Kawaii Village!

Meet your friendly globe-trotting tour guide

Globey will take you on all sorts of adventures leading to the farthest corners of our wide and wonderful world. Come along and Globey will introduce you to some amazing characters inspired by the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Japanese culture. Let's get to know some of the citizens that call Kawaii Village home!

Say hello to the new friends you'll meet!

Maneko, the lucky cat, gives a friendly wave as you pass by. Be sure to wave back, as she brings you good fortune! Maneko can sometimes be found with metallic gold coloring, but the chance of spotting her alternate form is rare.

is always happy to greet you beneath his sacred arch. He stands tall, leading the way to lands of sanctuary.

Tera Tera
is one of many happy, welcoming temples found throughout Japan. At night, a soft glow emits from his windows. Stop in for a visit to learn the details of Japanese tradition.

Sam Urai is a noble bear trained in the ancient arts of a samurai warrior. He values loyalty to friends, standing up for those in need, and doing the best he can. Sam Urai often wears red armor, but you may find him with a gold suit on occasion.

Sue Shi
is a skilled chef serving the freshest sashimi and sushi rolls. Visit her for a taste of Japan's favorite local delicacies! Sue Shi often appears in orange but has been known to display a metallic green coloring from time to time.

Egu Taro
is very pleased to share delicious dining delights with any visitor. He is happy to accompany you on a tour of Japan's tasty cuisine! You may find Egu Taro in glitter form as a special treat.

Ebby is a tiger shrimp upon a bed of rice who is happy to satisfy your appetite. She looks almost too cute to eat! Ebby often comes in rainbow colors, but she may appear in orange as a special menu item.

is happy to feed you with sticky rice and tuna rolled up in nori. Mmm… so tasty!

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