Funko's Villainous Valentines are a gift your loved ones won't soon forget. These adorable animals will make you look twice! They're crafty creatures, ready to deliver lighthearted mischief. Inspired by retro Valentine's Day cards that began circulating in the 1950s, these Paka Paka pals make perfect presents for you or your Valentine this year!

Now's the time to meet the eligible Valentines that you could plan your surprise with.

Meet the Match Makers

Tootsie the Birdy - “Valentine, you ‘blow' me away!”

Tootsie is a sweet little bird with some serious fire power. Tootsie will always light up your day!

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Darling the Lamb - “Hey Valentine, I'm not so ‘b-a-a-a-d'!”

Darling the Lamb is the bomb and knows it too. This lamb is a softy with a serious side. Will you take the chance to be Darling's Valentine?

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Pookie the Lion - “I think you're ‘dynamite', Valentine!”

Sparks will fly when you meet Pookie the Lion. Pookie is paw-sitively perfect with his rosy cheeks that are too cute to resist.

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Snookums the Racoon - “I'm ‘axing' you to be my Valentine!”

Snookums is looking for the perfect Valentine. Watch out, Snookums might even steal your heart.

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Schmoops the Dog - “Wouldn't it be ‘knife' to get together?”

Schmoops is convinced he's cut out to be your Valentine and perhaps he has a point. He's sharp and knows plenty of tricks to impress even the pickiest partners. Schmoops is all about quality time (in case you can't tell).

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Cuddles the Cat - “Say Valentine, you're the ‘bomb'.”

Cuddles is counting down the hours, and the minutes, to the big day. Cuddles is the purr-fect Valentine.

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Precious the Chicken - “I made a ‘love potion' just for you!”

Precious is known for concocting mighty brews, and he's created one to share with you. Precious has mixed up the perfect elixir for that special day. It's a heart-stopping formula you're sure to want to taste.

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Buttercup the Cow - “You make my heart go ‘boom'!”

Buttercup is always in the mooood for love. Buttercup thinks romance is a total blast.

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