We're bringing in the new year with some new Funko App features to help the Funko Family navigate the app and collecting with ease in 2022!

Funko Full Catalog

If you're looking for the full collector catalog, fear not—it has moved under Lists, with all the features you know and love.

Shop on Funko.com

Browse the newest purchasable products on Funko.com from the convenience of your Funko App. This collection refreshes when new items become available on the website and you can add to your cart and check out from the app to speed up your search for the perfect additions for your collections.

Birthday Surprise Update

No more generic birthday month emails. You'll receive your birthday surprise on your birthday- thanks to the most recent Funko Fan Club update! Make sure you'll be able to get your personalized birthday email without a hitch by heading to your Funko Account Settings and make sure your birthday is up to date. Don't miss out on your special birthday offers!

Available from Wishlist

Keep an eye on the Available from Wishlist collection which shows you which of your favorite anticipated products are now available. This collection page will even tell you which retailers the products are available through when you click on them.

Search by Exclusivity and Licenses

We brought back browsable Exclusivity and Licenses on the Product pages! We brought this back thanks to Funatic feedback. While we can't respond to every review, we are definitely listening! Keep the feedback coming.

Coming Soon

Stay up to date with the recent product announcements via the Coming Soon collection.

Recently Vaulted

Know when it's time to grab an item before it's gone with the Recently Vaulted collection. Newly vaulted items that are out of production will appear in this list so that you know which of the collectibles you've been eyeing are about to become much harder to find.

New Exclusives

For the more discerning collectors the New Exclusives collection will offer a concise view into the latest exclusive products. Now you won't have to filter through all the announcements or feel bogged down by all the mainline items!

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