We have some exciting news! We've decided to extend the Disney Treasures Pirates Cove box closing to April 22nd! You asked us for more time and we agree! We wanted to give you more time to sign up for one of our three tiers,

- Traveler: Pay as you go plan, $26 per box every other month.

- Adventurer: 6 month plan, $25 per box for 3 boxes. Including an exclusive Adventurer pin!

- Pioneer: 12 month plan, $24 per box for 6 boxes. Including an exclusive Pioneer pin with the first box and an exclusive collectible anniversary gift at the end of the year!

You are still eligible for the Pioneer founding membership if you order by April 22nd!

We have some good news for those who have already ordered! If you place your order by April 1st you will receive your box before anyone else! As an early subscriber, your box will ship out as if the box closed on April 1st.