"Shrink" your collection with the newest in compact collectibles, Bitty Pop!. These 1-inch tall figures are teeny tiny versions of some of the most prevalent Funko Pops! and recognizable pop culture characters. Only three of the four figures in each pack are visible, with the last figure being a mystery for the collector.

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We're a bit excited to announce that Bitty Pop! collectibles are available now. Shop on Amazon or Funko.com

Collectors can still choose to display these micro figures in or out of box, just like their full-sized counterparts, since their petite "packaging" can be removed. That's right! They can be taken out, admired for their level of detail, and displayed. For added stability, the bases of the boxes are stands for the figures. Each acrylic box features the original packaging design.

Each four-piece set comes with a clear, acrylic stacking case which makes for easy displaying and transporting. Transform small spaces or "downsize" your collection for portable inspiration and fun.

Bitty Pops! are perfect for fans of miniatures, small scale collectors, and on the go fans. We're thrilled to see all the ways Bitty Pop! changes how Funatics collect and display their favorite fandoms.

Show us how you revamp the way you interact with your collections and model your Bitty Pop! displays!

Use #FunkoBittyPop and tag @OriginalFunko on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so we can see your imaginative decorating and globetrotting minis in transit!