Our continued efforts to improve the website, and your experiences with us, have led us to an exciting, new version of Funko.com. We want to go over what new features are coming beforehand so that Funatics know what we have been working on to further secure the website and improve their experience with the site.

What New Features Are Coming To Funko.com? 

  • Funatics and collectors will now be able to purchase from Funko and Loungefly in one shared shopping cart. 
  • Order histories for Funko and Loungefly will be located in one place under one account. 
  • Account setup will require two-factor authentication in order to improve security, combat bot shoppers, and make high demand product releases a fairer experience for all. 
  • Pop! Yourself digital avatars are getting a 3D upgrade. 
  • Funko App information such as wish lists and collections will be migrated and reflected in your account. 

I Can Now Shop Funko And Loungefly Products At The Same Time? 

Correct! Shoppers now have the capabilities to shop Funko and Loungefly products at the same time and check out as a single-cart purchase. Funatics can switch back and forth between the Funko and Loungefly site experiences without having to make separate purchases. 

Shoppers will be required to log in to their verified accounts in order to purchase exclusives and select products. Read more about how to verify your account below! 

Will My Account Order History Disappear? 

For those with accounts on Funko.com or Loungefly.com, your past orders from the last year will be migrated over to the new site under one account. If you had accounts on both shops that used the same email address, your account and orders will be merged under a single account. You can expect to see the most recent orders (from the last year) first and more will populate later over time. Should you need to return an item from a purchase placed before March 7th, please reach out to Customer Care. 

Will I Have To Set Up A New Account? 

Returning customers with accounts will be prompted to check their email for a password reset link and once their password is updated, they’ll be asked to verify their US mobile phone number for verification. Once the SMS verification number sent to your mobile number is entered into your account, you’re all set to shop. 

Those simply wishing to use the Funko mobile app can skip the mobile phone number verification step (by leaving it blank) when logging back into their accounts. Unverified accounts can continue to use the mobile app without restrictions. 

In order to purchase exclusive products, fans will need to have a verified account on the website. 

What Will Happen To My Collection Or Wish Lists? 

All of the wish list and collection information you’ve saved to your Funko App or account will be kept and carried over to the new website experience and in the Funko app. 

What If I'm A Mobile App User And I Don't Have A US Phone Number? 

If you are a mobile app user outside of the US, you will need to reset your password by logging in through the mobile app. You will receive a password reset link with the phone number as "optional," and after resetting your password, you can continue to use the Funko mobile app. 

Is Account Verification Different For Website Account Users? 

If you had a Funko account in the past, and attempt to log in for the first time, the following will happen: 

  • You will be asked to check your email for a password reset link. 
  • When you click the link in the email, you'll be pushed to a password reset page on Funko.com. 
  • On that password reset page, you’ll also be asked to input your US mobile phone number for verification. 
  • When you submit your phone number for verification, you will receive an SMS verification code. 
  • After you enter your SMS code, your account will be verified and ready to use. 

Pop! Yourself Digital Is Getting A 3D Upgrade? 

Download your current Pop! Yourself avatars by March 3rd! Our original Pop! Yourself 2D digital avatar creator will be getting a 3D upgrade. Read below on how to prepare for the update. 

What Happens If I'm Signed Up for SMS, App, or Email Communications? 

If you don't want to miss any exclusive drops, updates, or promotions - you'll want to make sure you're signed up for our marketing messages. If you are signed up for any of our marketing communications, you are going to have to opt back in, or re-subscribe. 

For those currently subscribed to SMS or email communications, when account signup and verification is complete, users can automatically opt-in to SMS and email communications. If you are an app user, you will need to open your app once the new site is live and sign up to receive app communication messages again. We will not assume anyone wants to keep their notifications settings going forward, so all users have to do is confirm how they’d like to receive updates from Funko. 

What Should I Prepare In Advance? 

The 2D Pop! Yourself digital avatars will be retired and replaced by 3D Pop! avatars. Squeeze in your final costume changes and download your current Pop! Yourself avatars before March 3rd! After that, we're going 3D with an all-new set of outfits, accessories, and customizations. 

Be ready to sign in, update your password, and verify your mobile phone number to your account when the website updates officially launch soon. 

More details to come!