Funko's game room just got a whole lot more crowded!

Pop! Games: Blizzard Mystery Minis

Blizzard has become a major entity in the video game industry by earning a reputation for games with detailed plots that are beloved by fans!

Our Blizzard Mystery Minis series spans classic titles from Diablo to Warcraft and Starcraft, and display the incredible details of each character! Every figure has a 1 out of 12 rarity!

Pop! Games: Borderlands

Attention Vault Hunters! Borderlands Pop!'s are coming and they're worth their weight in Eridium!

In the realm of villains, the Borderlands Pop!'s feature garden variety, murderous Psycho and Handsome Jack, the self-appointed dictator of Pandora! Mad Moxxi, the industrious black widow of Borderlands, joins them!

Claptrap, the chipper robotic guide from Hyperion, makes for a great companion! Even when his tone becomes derisive, he's only just messing around. We promise.