Minions Pop!
Our Minions Pop!s are searching for their new master!
These creatures have a storied history, which can be seen in the sheer variety of costumes found here.
Whether they're prehistoric like Cro-Minion, a seaward scallywag Eye, Matie, displaying theā€¦ majesty of nature like Au Naturel, or exhibiting modern complacency like Bored Silly Kevin, each Minion is full of their own bright personality!
Look at King Bob and swear your allegiance to his cuteness!
Available now!
Minions Mystery Minis

We have yet to see one single creature more conducive to Mystery Minis than a Minion!

Since Minions come in all shapes, sizes, and attire, each box holds a truly unique figure! Each character has a 1 in 12 rarity!
Coming in June!